Just curious: Page load times for this site.

  dagwoood 03:13 26 Jun 2004

I've noticed from other threads(when someone starts a thread asking other members if the site is slow for them)that some users say the pages load straight away, others say the pages are slow.

I know the page load times will vary when the internet in general is busy and differences in load times are due to routing differences and members connection speeds, but when people say the pages load straight away, do you mean that when you click to open a thread, the page will OPEN straight away and load quickly, or, do you mean that when you click on a thread, when the page eventualy starts to download, it's instantaneous(i.e.there will be a delay for the page to open)?

Why I ask is that when I click to go to the helproom forum, there's no delay in the page opening and it'll load quickly. But, if I click to open a thread I always get the message in the status bar "waiting for www . pcadvisor .co.uk"(ignore spaces, added them so a "click here" link wouldn't appear). This delay can last for a couple of seconds in the small hours of the morning(i.e.internet not busy)up to between 5 and 10 seconds during the evening.

I have a 750kb connection and this accounts for the fast page load times, it's just this delay to open the page that I'm curious about.


(P.S.I understand that due to the nature of this site(i.e.it's not "static")there will be some delays due to the demands being made upon the server, I realy want to find out if this type of delay is common to other members).

  ianeon 03:40 26 Jun 2004

Same as you - anything upto 15 seconds for a page to open.

  Chegs ® 04:23 26 Jun 2004

Its not always PCA at fault,this is why some folk have slow pages and others report no problems.The PCA server is the last in a series of switches on route to the user.If there is any congestion midway between then THAT user will have trouble.

I play online games(arranged via phone/email with friends in the UK)It isn't uncommon to find that folk I can connect to tonite,I'm unable to other nites and even stranger,we often find if we cannot connect thru a european server we CAN connect thru a server in the USA. ;-)

  Forum Editor 08:35 26 Jun 2004

has hit the nail on the head.

In addition - bear in mind that when you click on a thread or post you are making a call to the server to load the relevant data from a database and dynamically create the page in which to display it. When the server is under load there may be hundreds of such requests being processed and there will inevitably be a slight delay.

  dagwoood 10:30 26 Jun 2004

Thank you for the input.

As per my original posting, these are issues that I'm aware of, I'm just curious as to what sort of delay times other members experience(if any).

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 10:41 26 Jun 2004

Thought I'd better make it clear that I'm NOT complaining, I think this site is great click here

I'm just being nosey :-)


  dagwoood 21:49 26 Jun 2004


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