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Just changed over from tiscali.

  Spr 19:38 08 Apr 2019

I have just changed over from to sky broadband the problem I cannot receive email through Outlook express can anyone help me please. I can get email through Hotmail you can reach me by address below many thanks

  alanrwood 20:35 08 Apr 2019

Please remove your email address unless you want to suffer horrendous spam receipts. All replies must be via this forum so we can all benefit.

  alanrwood 20:42 08 Apr 2019

Have you changed the settings in Outlook to reflect your new email servers. You probably no longer have your tiscali address if that is what you are referring to. Please clarify so we can help.

  Forum Editor 08:56 09 Apr 2019

I have removed your email address.

The Tiscali name ceased to exist in 2010 when the company was rebranded to TalkTalk.

You should still be able to use your Tiscali email address, but you must make sure that you login to the webmail service at least once a month to keep the mailbox active. There has been talk of a charge being applied in order to keep old Tiscali addresses going, but I don't think a date has been set so far.

Try these settings for IMAP or POP

Login / Username [email protected] [email protected]

Incoming mail server or

Incoming Port 993 995

Incoming SSL Yes Yes

Outgoing mail server (for both IMAP and POP)

Outgoing Port 587 587

Outgoing SSL Yes Yes

Outgoing Authentication Yes Yes

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