Just bought Laptop, can't play games...Help!

  Gsus 20:23 10 May 2006

Just bought a Fuji/Siemens laptop. 80gb 512mb ram and well pretty gutsy I thought although it don't play games (even Doom the original)Well it does play it but with the screen size the size of a matchbox in black and white I don't get it cos it plays dvds in colour and full screen. I wanna play stuff like Medal of Honour as well. Do I need to get Direct X and as for a graphics card I ain't so sure I can get an internal card installed. Is there such a thing as an external graphics card? Whats the best way to set it up so I can play games on the M.F.

  Totally-braindead 20:27 10 May 2006

Which laptop did you buy? Any computer should be ablr to play the likes of the original Doom, regarding upgrading the graphics its not really possible. There are a few very high end laptops that can have the graphics upgraded but you're talking about £1500+ machines and theres no such thing as an external graphics card.

  Jak_1 20:30 10 May 2006

lappies are not really designed as a games machine, 512k of RAM is a tad small and lappies have onboard graphics that are not nearly as good as a gamer's graphics card. Fine for DVD but not for games. I've not heard of an external graphics card for lappies but then I have never looked for one.

  curtis8345 20:30 10 May 2006

can you show me some laptop graphics cards, that you say are for laptops that are at least £1500
thanks m8

  Gsus 20:31 10 May 2006

Intel Pentium M 725A Processor 1.60GHz
400 MHz FSB
2 MB Cache
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive
DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
15.4" Widescreen Display
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
128 MB Intel 915G shared graphics

Thats the stats.

  Totally-braindead 20:36 10 May 2006

Gsus as long as the graphics are Open GL compatible and if the chipset will accept it then it should run, heres the specs for allied assault
Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98, or 95
700 MHz Athlon or 733 MHz Pentium III
128 MB or more
8x faster CD/DVD
3 GB or more free space
OpenGL compatible video card (Video card must be 16 MB or more and contain one of these chipsets: NVIDIA TNT2, GeForce or greater, ATI Rage 128, Radeon or greater, PowerVR Kyro II)
DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card
Multiplayer requires one disc per PC and a 56 Kbps or faster connection. Internet (up to 32 players)
Network (up to 64 players)
If Doom won't play theres definately something not right I played it on an old 33mhz computer when it first came out.

  De Marcus™ 20:36 10 May 2006

Your machine is fairly gutsy. It's the 128 MB Intel 915G shared graphics which let it down, and unfortunately there's nothing short of buying a new one you can do about it.

  Totally-braindead 20:39 10 May 2006

curtis8345 I will have a look and try to find one for you but the problem was at the time I saw them, the card could be repalced but it was such a new idea there were no other cards available and there was no idea of how expensive they were going to be. I'll post back if I can remember who made the one I was looking at.

  Gsus 20:39 10 May 2006

Well the only reason I can think of is that its because I bought Doom in New Zealand and the laptop in U.K. But even so one would think it would work. How can you find out if its Open GL compatible?

  De Marcus™ 20:39 10 May 2006

Of course, the original doom should pose no prob as has been pointed out.

  Skills 20:40 10 May 2006

Theres your problem the onboard graphics card which steals it memory from your main memory. Although it should run the old version of Doom so something not right there.

Unfortunately its not going to be up to playing the latest games you may get away with older ones but I wouldnt want to say what sort of frame rates you would get.

A quick thing you can check is how much of your memory is allocated to the graphics card. Have a look at the general tab from the system in my control panel (or right click my computer properties) and see how much it states for RAM. If you dont have the full 128 set to the graphics card you can change the ammount allocatted from the BIOS.

Its not possible to upgrade the graphics card either im affraid.


There not graphics card just high end laptops that have a dedicatetd graphics card in them and some of the newer ones i believe can be upgraded.

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