junk emails from website address

  Clic 11:23 13 Feb 2007

I have a website which includes my webaddress for suctomers to contact me. I am receiving loads of Viagra, religious and bank junk emails- I have installoed Cloudmark, and have used my Oulook express messga erules, and have Nod virus software. Is there anything I can download (or buy) which will help eliminate these?

  HighTower 13:08 13 Feb 2007

Might be worth making sure that your server catchall settings are deactivated, so only mail to legitimate addresses comes through.

This won't stop junk mail to your valid addresses but may reduce it a bit.

  Clic 23:31 13 Feb 2007

Thanks for your prompt replies and your help so far. I have managed to change one email link, but I have a couple of others on the site- one in a submit form section, the other in a comments section. Would someone be willing to have a look at the site and help me the code I need to change these please? I will let you know my site address- if Im allowed to? Thanks

  Clic 09:27 14 Feb 2007

Thanks. My site is click here. If you take a look for me it would be really helpful.(Any other advice on it would be useful too. We are awaiting photos on the site, as there are people in the accommodations and I cant take new phots til theyve left)Also I am paying a company for SEO and its early days (first month)- but if you could see anything that is hindering our listing I would appreciate it. Thanks loads.

  Clic 11:55 14 Feb 2007

Thanks again for your help-much appreciated. I am committed to SEO company for 6 months, and will cancel after that. We will attempt to incorporate php forms too.

My son has written the website for me, and I am pleased to be able to pass on your positive comments to him. Thanks.

He has a few additional questions about php and coding- and I wonder if someone could help him resolve the problems we are still having with the site please?

Re: junk email

I have created, and linked to a php file with the following code:

header("Location: mailto:[email protected]");

which opens a new window, as well as the users email client. I am trying to find a way of either refreshing or closing the blank window that opens. I have tried:

header("Location: mailto:[email protected]");
header ("Refresh: 2; URL=click here");

I have also tried to input some text:

header("Location: mailto:[email protected]");
header ("Refresh: 2; URL=click here");
<h1>Thank you! - Please proceed to email us</h1>

Both attempts work perfectly in Mozilla, but fail to display or execute in IE (not sure about opera). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot

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