Junk Email

  bic biro 19:37 17 Mar 2008

i currently use ms outlook express for email,since january this year till now i have had over 400 emails about the usual porn links and viagra,some of these arent even using my correct email addy but similar,im now sick of adding sender to blocklist,question is as im with pipex im assuming these come through pipex mail servers before they reach me so therefore are they not responsible for blocking these also?im thinking of emailing them a stern letter but would like to know abit more about how the email systems work

  peter99co 19:45 17 Mar 2008

Just install a Mailwasher.It learns as you go and see the emails on the server. download is free

  rawprawn 19:45 17 Mar 2008

I don't think Pipex will help try Mailwasher
click here

  big bloke66 19:49 17 Mar 2008

I fully understand how anoying junk mail is,im not sure how it all works either.
However have you tried this free programe i`ve heard its quite good. click here

  big bloke66 19:50 17 Mar 2008

O hell must type quicker.

  bic biro 20:15 17 Mar 2008

i will try mailwasher but i think i,ll still send them an email anyway,hell i might just forward my junk mail to them

  Jim Thing 20:29 17 Mar 2008

"hell i might just forward my junk mail to them"

I share your annoyance but that's not really a good idea. You'd only be adding to the total amount of junk mail that's flying around.

  peter99co 21:49 17 Mar 2008

Post back if succesfull!

  numskull 09:09 18 Mar 2008

When I was with Pipex I got pages of junk mail every day. Since switching ISP I hardly get any or at least is stays on the server in the spam box.

  DANZIG 09:24 18 Mar 2008

I'm with Virgin and can safely say that I have had no Junk Mail since I joined up.

Admittedly I get the usual rubbish from Facebook, but thats my own fault.

Apart from that - nothing gets in that I haven't asked for.

When I was with AOL on dial up I got reams of the stuff every week - the usual guff (viagra, body enhancements and the like).

  walesrob 09:47 18 Mar 2008

Pipex have no spam protection on their servers, a quick look at the email headers will confirm this. I moved away from Pipex 20 months ago, but the mail account associated is still active taking in 100's of spam daily, doesn't bother me, I don't use it, but it keeps Mailwasher busy!!

But, why use your ISP's email? Get your own domain and email, that way, your email address stays with you for life, regardless of the ISP. Only costs £5 - £8 on 123-Reg or Heart Internet to buy the domain, and you can easily host your email for free at Google Applications or Live Domains.

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