Jumpy DVD playback

  mwallwin 21:20 18 Dec 2004

I have been running top spec (all 2Ghz above) for many years now, all XP. Every machine plays DVDs jumpy-video and sound.My latest PC is custom built-Athlon 2700XP,512DDR,Radeon 9700pro..the playback is still hopeless.I can now only assume this is an XP fault...Any recomendations? Checked all the usual-Defrag, DirectX-all fine...

  mattyc_92 21:40 18 Dec 2004

Try cleaning the drive's lense....

  Josh123 21:57 18 Dec 2004

I have just installed a DVD and I tried it with a free decoder - JetAudio. The video seemed jerky to me so I replaced JetAudio with Power DVD (free trial version) and the video played much better.

  mattyc_92 22:02 18 Dec 2004

Good idea Josh123...

What program are you using mwallwin???

  mwallwin 11:52 19 Dec 2004

I am using InterVideo Win 6. I have alos used Win Media Player 9 and 10, Power DVD, all legit copies and still very jumpy. As for cleaning the lense-my last 3 PCs have had the same problem-all brand new drives..This is driving me crazy! I have a fantastic monitor and cant watch my movies! Let me know if any more info is needed. I really apprecite your help!

  mattyc_92 11:59 19 Dec 2004

Have you thought that some of your hardware is fighting eachother???? e.g. your motherboard may not "like" using your "graphics card"

  mwallwin 12:02 19 Dec 2004

Have considered that but cannot find any conflict with the 2...ABIT AT7-MAX2, VIA KT100 chipset, AGP 8X and TYAN Tachyon G9600 PRO, 400MHz engine clock; 600MHz memory clock, 128 MB dual channel 128bit DDR memoryHydravision and dual 400MHz DACs DVI-I...

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