The Jumping Mouse

  ol blueeyes 14:59 25 Nov 2008

I got over it once before but how escapes me (getting old)
My USB Human Interface Device) Mouse keeps jumpinmg about, it even moves some times when I'm not touching it. Actually its the Pointer on the Screen that runs about.
How can I get over this ?
Any help please
My Computer tells me all is OK and that the mouse is working OK

  dogtrack 15:20 25 Nov 2008

Would luv 2 know the answer to that 1 myself. Causes me more grief than just about anything else on this planet. Only with wireless HID though. Conventional cabled mice work fine. Grrr !!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:26 25 Nov 2008


  ol blueeyes 15:31 25 Nov 2008

But mine is a cabled Mouse

  ol blueeyes 15:33 25 Nov 2008

No don't need Batteries

  Coffee Adict 15:38 25 Nov 2008

A wireless optical mouse can be a little fussy as to what surface you use it on. I use mine on a table top with a fairly prominent grain, its fine most of the time, but there's one spot it dislikes and if I leave it there the pointer slowly creeps across the screen. Try using a sheet of plain paper to see if that cures it.

  johndrew 15:43 25 Nov 2008

I`ve seen this question before where an optical wired mouse pointer was running wild and it was diagnosed as mouse failure. It may have been in PCA or on this Forum, I`m not certain, but I`m sure of the diagnosis given.

The reason the PC says all is well could result from the fault being intermittent.

Perhaps your mouse is due for retirement????

  ol blueeyes 16:13 25 Nov 2008

Would't think it's an OAP yet it's only 18 months old.

  ol blueeyes 16:16 25 Nov 2008

Though thinking about it it isn't worth the fuss. They are so cheap I'll go and buy another.
Thanks for help given anyway.

  dogtrack 16:20 25 Nov 2008 it's not the Batteries. Mouse and Transmitter have been changed and its just the same. The cursor shoots to one of the 4 corners, for no apparant reason...even without human imput....Bet it's G. Browns fault. Ah well, such is life.

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