Jumping Cursor in Word XP

  frager 00:29 13 Dec 2004

I have come across a most unusual problem with Word XP.
I was typing a document and when I pressed ENTER to create a new paragraph the cursor jumped half way down the page (on the left).
I checked everything I could think of--- line spacing, spacing before and after etc.
I turned off the computer, rebooted and started again. Same problem.
I have ‘show all formatting’ enabled.
I desperation I kept on hitting ENTER and found that the paragraph marks came closer and closer together,
I then tried the following:
I am using A4 paper with the top and bottom margins set to 1cm. Times New Roman, Font size 12
I typed the number 1 and pressed ENTER.
The cursor jumped half way down the page.
I typed the number 2 pressed ENTER and the cursor jumped again, but about a third of the way down
I continued typing numbers (pressing ENTER after each one) and the paragraphs got closer and closer together and I was able to get to number 56 before I got to a new page. (I was able to get 56 lines on the page)
In fact I have used this page to type this message.
The only other information I can think of is that I had been using an old mail merge address labels document using Word 97 before I started a new blank document.
Also, when I checked the page settings it was set to landscape, which is not my normal setup.
Is there some setting that has become checked/unchecked that is causing this curious behaviour?

All help would be appreciated.


  frager 00:40 13 Dec 2004

I have just got a solution from the newsgroup microsoft word new users:

File--Page setup--Layout--vertical alignment---top---OK.

I would alike to know how this problem arose in the first place -- if possible.



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