Jumping on the bandwagon...

  chrishillcoat 13:15 11 Jul 2003

It seems to be the "thing to do" these days to get your site on this forum. So, could anyone give me some advice or comments on my site - click here? I know the ads are annoying and I know it's on a free host... but I'm a cheapskate ;-)


  AshW 15:00 11 Jul 2003

It's simple, it's informative, and looks tidy.

I really like it.

I see you've gone for the expandable menu being a new page in that left frame - that's fine as it is, but if you feel adventurous and want to go for something that makes updating easier in the future, drop-down code could be used for the same effect. If you want, I can try and get the code for you.

  chrishillcoat 16:13 11 Jul 2003

Actually, the frames are there to make it easier to update ;-)
Before I had just a navigation bar (with images for buttons!) on every page. Updating that was a NIGHTMARE, even with a 20 page website!

I might look into drop-down code, as long as it's something that Geocities allow. In fact, I think they have their own Javascripts for that...


  steven_frost 12:05 13 Jul 2003

Like the site in fact i like the menu system as well if any one has any ideas how to do this with front page 2000 i would love to know as the site i'm building has 10 links some of which i'd like to group together

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