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Jumper settings for old HD

  zoobie 09:37 23 Jun 2005

I found this old Quantum Fireball 2550at HD that I've been using for backup (showed as secondary slave)...but since I've installed my new cd/dvd drives and now have hooked the IDE cables up properly, the system either hangs or says 'error loading operating system'. I've found diagrams for the jumper settings but nothing works (tried them all)...even no jumper. I've gotten it to show properly as primary slave in BIOS...but it either hangs or says the above error. Any help appreciated.

Win XP Pro
AMD 2600

  zoobie 11:05 23 Jun 2005

Well, BIOS basically says:
Primary Master - Maxtor main
Primary Slave - Quantum Fireball
Secondary Master - CD-RW
Secondary Slave - DVD-RW

Only problem is, it won't boot and either hangs or throws the error mentioned above. I have to disconnect the Quantum in order for it to boot. If I disconnect my secondary optical drives, same thing happens...hangs or throws the error.

I previously had the IDE cables messed up with the Quantum and CD-RW on secondary something...worked then. Now that I've hooked them up properly, it won't boot with the Quantum connected.

Thanks for any help...I need this Quantum for backup.

  Diemmess 11:44 23 Jun 2005

For what its worth try-

1.) Connect old Quantum as Primary Slave

2.) Jumper on this drive to CSL or cable select.

3.) Look in BIOS and ensure the Quantum drive is on Auto

If you're lucky.............

  zoobie 12:44 23 Jun 2005

After reading all night, I've found the solution.

Turns out Maxtor doesn't like a competitor's drive on the same IDE cable. I had them on different cables before at it worked fine. I'll have to get in the box and physically rearrange the drives so each IDE cable can reach a HD and optical drive...and reset the master/slave jumper configs. Bummer...

I'll have to do this after sleep and will post back the results.


  zoobie 03:41 24 Jun 2005

Believe it or not, the below config didn't work either and just throws the same error.

Primary Master - Maxtor HD

Primary Slave - DVD-RW

Secondary Master - CD-RW

Secondary Slave - Quantum HD

The only way the Quantum HD works is by using the separate IDE cable and subtracting the Secondary Master from the config.

Does anyone have any more suggestions? I've tried everything I've found about this problem (LBA,etc.) but nothing short of a complete wipe of my Primary master works....which is out of the question.


  zoobie 11:38 25 Jun 2005

It's a very old drive, 2.5gb.

I've gotten it to work on the same cable by setting all the primary and secondary BIOS to auto...then adding one drive at a time and rebooting.

Problem is, WinXP Pro doesn't like it and keeps restarting.

One step forward, two steps back...

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