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  RKMonty 01:13 04 Apr 2008

I have just replaced a DVD ROM drive with a DVD rewriter. I also have a CD Rewriter already in my pc
Should I make the DVD rewriter my Master and my CD rewriter my Slave ??
Is it possible or workable to have both as a Master or do you have to have one Master and one Slave.....easy question I think but me just a little confused.
Thanks in advance

  mrwoowoo 01:22 04 Apr 2008

You can't have both as master as your hard drive will be set as master on the end of the IDE cable.
Put your cd writer as slave or cable select and put it on the middle of the IDE cable that your hard drive is on.
Set your DVD writer to master or cable sellect and put it on the end of the spare IDE lead.
Some drives prefer to be set as cable select,so check your instruction manual just in case.

  RKMonty 01:35 04 Apr 2008

It looks as if my hard drive is on a seperate IDE cable. My CD rewriter and my old DVD rom were on a separate IDE cable.......the CD drive first then the DVD drive

Can the DVD drive and CD drive be on the second IDE cable with them as DVD as Master and CD as a Slave regardless of which one is connected to the IDE cable first ? or am I missing a point ??

  mrwoowoo 01:47 04 Apr 2008

Yes the DVD drive and CD drive can be on the second IDE cable with them as DVD as Master and CD as a Slave.Whichever is master(DVD) must go on the end of the cable and slave(CD) in the middle.
If for exaample you put your dvd drive to master and on the middle of the cable,you will get problems as it will confuse your system.
My understanding has always been that they work best with one of them on the same IDE cable as the hard drive and set as slave.
But if they have always worked ok on the same cable,then it should be no problem.

  mrwoowoo 01:50 04 Apr 2008

Just one thing.
If you set the jumpers up wrong relative to their position on the cable it's no biggy and no harm done.You will just get conflicts or perhaps not boot up until you set them correctly.

  RKMonty 01:55 04 Apr 2008

Hi MrWooWoo Thanks for the info I will have a go in the morning and let you know the outcome. I'm really grateful for the help/assistance from this site Thnaks

  keef66 10:08 04 Apr 2008

my pc came set up with the hdd at the (master) end of one ide cable and the optical drives as master / slave on the other. Can't remember which is which though.

mrwoowoo is correct when he says the master connector is the one at the end of the cable

  pj123 11:31 04 Apr 2008

Personally I would keep the DVD Rom and take the CD rewriter out. The DVD rewriter will write to CD anyway.

That way you can play DVDs in either drive and you can copy DVDs direct from one drive to the other.

  RKMonty 20:31 04 Apr 2008

Many many thanks Have solved my problem........think I just needed to relaod my CD/DVD software as all seems to be ok now. PCAdvisor advice is great Many thanks

  DieSse 23:45 04 Apr 2008

If you set the drives to Master and Slave, it makes no difference whatsoever where they go on the cable.

If you set them both to Cable Select, the one at the end of the cable automatically becomes the Master, and the one in the centre becomes the Slave.

  DieSse 23:50 04 Apr 2008

"If for exaample you put your dvd drive to master and on the middle of the cable,you will get problems as it will confuse your system."

That's not correct - the system works correctly whichever way round they are.

Their positions on the cable are only used when drive jumpers are set to Cable Select.

Cable Select actually means - "select the drive by where they are on the cable" - and it's done by a particular wire in the cable. This wire has no effect at all when the explicit Master and Slave jumpers are used.

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