"Jump to" box not working?

  MAJ 07:31 13 Sep 2003

Has anyone else noticed that the "Jump To" box at the bottom of the page isn't working? Or it it just not working for me?

  Valvegrid 07:58 13 Sep 2003

It never works for me because I turn the Scripting off on this site. I turned it back on to test it and the "Jump To" works fine. So have a look to see if the scripting is enabled in IE options.


  MAJ 08:03 13 Sep 2003

Dammit, Valvegrid, you're right, I forgot I had turned it off when I was testing something for someone on another forum yesterday. My excuse: it's still too early in the morning.

  Valvegrid 08:04 13 Sep 2003

It's easily done. I do the same when I go to my Bank site, then curse them 'cos I think it's their end :-)

  MAJ 08:07 13 Sep 2003

Time for a slice of toast and a cuppa to get wakened up. Thanks Valvegrid. :-)

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