July Cover Disc

  sgwestby 16:18 15 May 2004

I have spent the last 2 hours trying to view the images on the July cover disc "100,000 clipart Vol 2" but no matter what I try I just cannot get into it.

I tried to ccess it using the clipart browser that comes with it, but can find know way to get it to look at the disc and show me what is on it.

I also tried using "insert picture from file" in Word, but that can find no pictures on the disc at all.

Am I doing something wrong or is the disc faulty?


  johnnyrocker 16:21 15 May 2004

right click explore?


  pj123 16:27 15 May 2004

Where do you get your issue from? I am on subscription and I haven't got July yet. Is this another Post Office problem. Generally I find Irfanview very good at finding images no matter what media they are on. You can download Irfanview free from click here Give it a try.

  roy 16:43 15 May 2004

Have just had a quick look at it but not installed it. Have you installed the program and registered on line?

pj123 got my subscription mag today and some members got theirs in the last couple of days.
Matter of luck and the mail I suppose.

  Old Shep 17:14 15 May 2004

When you open the clipart browser there are two boxes top right hand corner. One says Search all image types and the other says Search all categories (this has a dropdown list) and if you click a category the images show in the left hand pane. I assume you have installed this. Got to say I got mine three days ago!!!!

  Smiler 17:20 15 May 2004

My copy arrived yesterday, pj123 your postman must be on a work to rule. LOL


Have you actually installed the program?
open the cd in explorer and double click master.exe Click on Full Programs tab. Then click on 100,000 Clipart Volume 2, click on Install on the right.

Follow the instructions and when the window with four buttons appears, click on the run program button and wait for the installation program to start. Install the program then run it by clicking on the desktop icon. This will give you access to the clipart but I can only find 35091 images so I assume the other 64909 must be on other discs.

Other than that the actual images are in the HPI folder as zip files so you will need a program to unzip them to acces the images.

  sgwestby 08:54 16 May 2004

thanks for your suggestions, I tried them all but still could not get the included clipart browser to access the images, there was never anything to select. I then tried to uninstall the programme but it was not listed when I tried "add/remove programmes" in Control Panel.

In the end I went into Windows Explorer and delete the programme from there. I then tried to reinstall, after rebooting, but it said there was an unexplained error when it started the installation process so it wouldn't continue.

I now feel like throwing the thing in the bin, in fact I think I will, and not renewing my subscription to PC Advisor.

I only wanted to access the ruddy thing in the first place because I edit a football fanzine and hoped there might be a few bits of football clipart on there. Now I will never know!


  Smiler 10:03 16 May 2004

Why don't you contact the cover disc helpline there could be a simple explanation or the disc could be faulty.

I'm sorry you can't get the browser to work as I've just run it and searched for soccer related art and it has found 174 items. I think you should persevere.

  sgwestby 12:34 16 May 2004

thanks Smiler, you have talked me into having another go. I have reinstated the deleted files but I am still in trouble big time.

In the magazine it says "then with 100,000 clipart - Volume 2 selected enter a relevant search term". Well I can't find any way of selecting anything, i.e. there is nothing to search in the browser screen and no mention at all of the clip art disc, apart from in the blue box at the very top left of the screen i.e. the screen name for want of a more educated description.

I have installed the system and registereed it. I have a fairly new machine running XP. Until today I used to think I was fairly competant, I have built a commercial web site using raw HTML for example. So can anyone tell me where on eart I am going wrong?


  Stuartli 13:06 16 May 2004

Mine came Friday. Not tried the cover disk yet - already got thousands of clipart images on disks....:-)

  pj123 14:19 16 May 2004

I wish I could make a comment on this subject but I still have not received my July issue of PCA Mag yet so I can't. But I have Millions of free Clip Art and Photo's on CDs and if anyone wants some or all of it I would willingly send a copy, for the cost of the CD and postage, say 50p per CD. email me if you want some.

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