Jukebox Zen

  [DELETED] 21:50 07 Aug 2003

Can anyone tell me how to delete all the preinstalled tracks on the creative Jukebox Zen?


  [DELETED] 01:58 08 Aug 2003


  ton 02:30 08 Aug 2003

As it is a hard drive, can't you just use windows explorer (look in 'my computer') and delete them there.

  [DELETED] 07:54 08 Aug 2003

Easiest way to do it is to open the creative media player, connect up the player and display the contents of the disc, highlight the track you want to delete and then press the delete key.

Thats how I did it, without any problem. The preloaded tracks show up as being locked but that only prevents you from transferring to another storage device, it does not stop you from deleting.

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