taffyal 13:59 06 Aug 2004

Has anyone heard of this marvellous?/ new thing thats supposed to boost internet speeds on dial up by 40x?Free, & supposedly boosts broadband to faster speeds. too good to be true? Any ideas or news of this? Cheers, Al

  Graham ® 14:19 06 Aug 2004

You've been duped!

  taffyal 14:26 06 Aug 2004

No, I havent Graham! As I said, it sounds too good to be true! I just wondered if anyone had been duped, or could tell us something about it!I dont believe it when all these kind people want to give me lovely presents free. No one has done that for me since Father Xmas!!! Cheers, Al

  Graham ® 14:37 06 Aug 2004

OK, put 'faster internet' into google and take your pick. But be aware that if you download one you will get so much spyware, trojans, etc., your PC will grind to a halt!

  Graham ® 14:41 06 Aug 2004

Here's your Juice click here

Let us know how you get on!

  €dstowe 14:47 06 Aug 2004

I'm always curious on these "magic" utilities why everyone isn't using them. If they were as good as claimed, they would be known about worldwide in as fast a time as it takes for the electrons to travel to each computer. This doesn't happen so one can only assume that the programs are exclusively for the gullible.

  iambeavis 14:49 06 Aug 2004

The phrase 'Too good to be true' springs to mind. However, if anyone wishes to prove otherwise...

  Graham ® 14:54 06 Aug 2004

Quite right. If this comes out in October and does all it says then I'll eat my hat.

They're just harvesting information of gullible people. These things pop up from time to time. Notice how they invite you to pass on other peoples' details.

Al, I should pass on it.

  iambeavis 14:55 06 Aug 2004

...and, the first 80 million are free. Their generousity knows no bounds!

  taffyal 16:25 06 Aug 2004

Definitely resolved!!They seem to be of the same generous people who keep telling me Ive won loads of money/prizes, & will I please phone their money making number to claim.Glad everyone seems to agree with me. Byee, Al

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