jucheck.exe problem

  Drum 13:19 02 Jan 2010

Hi folks.
Further to my recent thread ( click here ) about my juscheck.exe problem that I mistakenly clicked the sorted box for, I'm still having major problems, but couldn't reactivate the thread.
To reiterate .... bought a brand new top of the range Sony laptop with W7 64 bit OS. Very pleased with it but two minutes after bootup and every 20 minutes thereafter I get a request to run jucheck.exe. This I believe is a program run to check for Java updates, and over the first few days I let this run several times, but it keeps coming back, and now I withhold permission, but it's very annoying.

I've looked on the Web regarding this, and for some people it is regarded as a very serious and urgent trojan threat that needs to be disabled. I gather this program is sending personal information not to Sun Microsystems to check for Java updates, but is connecting to servers in the USA disseminating my information to a diverse range of different companies including Wells Fargo bank!

In control panel I've tried to stop this update business by configuring updates for the Java applet to never, apply and okay this, but if I open the applet again two seconds later, automatic updates is reselected.
I can't find the jucheck.exe file on my system to delete it, two different types of anti virus have failed to detect any problem, and disabling juched.exe which is unrelated file in msconfig fails to stop it.

I was considering using Spyware Doctor to sort this, but after downloading and checking on this site, I gather a lot of users have had major problems with it and it has solved more problems than it has cured, so I've deleted this before installation.

My W7 laptop version of Java I'm sure is not up-to-date, but I'm not bothered about this, just want to kill the automatic update check.
My WXP computer doesn't give me any problems at all, and the Java version is years out of date but everything works just fine!

Will welcome any advice on this.

  hiwatt 13:35 02 Jan 2010

Download malwarebytes.Update and do a full scan.
click here

  Ventad 13:37 02 Jan 2010

I might have got this wrong but have you spelt the item wrong juscheck.exe. 'jushed.exe' runs in task manager to check for updates to java once a month. I found that I could not update java unless I opened 'task manager' went to processes tab scrolled down until I came to jushed.exe right clicked it and then clicked 'End Process'then I was able to update.

  Drum 13:56 02 Jan 2010

Thanks for your replies, and yes I have spelt it correctly.

I thought I had fully configured folder options, but omitted to untick the "hide system files box".

I've now found jucheck.exe and jusched.exe in two locations....

C:\program files, and C:\program files (x86)/Java/jre6/bin

Question, can I rename these to stop them functioning if so which ones ?

  Ventad 14:03 02 Jan 2010

Down load ccleaner from click here
then update go to tools/startup/right click sunjavaupdatescedule and click disable. this is the pointer to jushed.exe

  Batch 18:11 02 Jan 2010

I think jusched is a scheduled task that Sun java installation runs to load jucheck which actually goes off to find out if an update is available.

Personnaly, being a confirmed luddite, I just run jucheck manually whenever I want to check to see if there is an update.

  Drum 12:51 03 Jan 2010

Hello Batch, yes I fully agree. On the rare occasion that a load programs, I always disable automatic update features, as cumulatively programs sap a lot of of processor time and memory with this feature.
I know what jusched and jucheck are supposed to do, but there's a lot more to this than meets the eye, and if you look at these volumes on the Web you will see what I mean.
I took your advice ventad and ran ccleaner, disabling the update feature, and so far so good :-)

I'll leave it a couple of days before I mark this thread as closed, but in the meantime thanks for a great suggestion.

  Ventad 17:43 03 Jan 2010

Using ccleaner startup is somewhat easier than using vista itself because when you want to start something again you just enable. you can go through and prune all those unwanted startups doing the same thing I have about 9 items disabled starts up a lot quicker.

  Drum 15:51 09 Jan 2010

Many thanks for your help folks. You were right ventad ..I didn't spell it correctly to begin with ... should have been jucheck.exe, but all sorted now using cCleaner (which still didn't disable it),in combination with msconfig.
cCleaner is a great programme which I'd forgotten about, but happy to be re-acquainted with!

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