Drum 15:34 24 Dec 2009

I've just bought a brand-new Sony Vaio laptop NW21ZF running Windows 7 Home premium, and I'm really delighted with it.
I really like the OS which is a lot better to use than Vista, however, every 20 minutes or so I get a message saying that a Java update is available, and I've clicked on this to okay it a few times, but it keeps coming back. The file that it wants me to open is jucheck.exe.

Looking on the Internet, I've found that this file could be a Trojan .... I'm running the initial free trial of Mc Afee anti virus, which doesn't pick up anything, what should I do about this ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:42 24 Dec 2009

It is the Java update module...you can run it.


  provider 2 15:49 24 Dec 2009

Some info about Java updating: click here

  kidsis 15:51 24 Dec 2009

it may be as well to use another method of updating Java: in Control Panel find the Java applet, open it and click update. Once updated you should find that the message you refer to won't come back.

  Drum 15:57 24 Dec 2009

Hi Gandalf, thanks for your reply.
I've found some very varying reports on this on the Internet, some saying it's a Trojan and/or a worm, also extremely dangerous and should be removed at all costs as it will erode my system. Others saying it's harmless and to ignore it.

I hate these things that pester you constantly , I mean really every 20 minutes.
Windows genuine advantage used to be like this, constantly wanting to check that my copy of Windows was genuine (allegedly), and sometimes wanting to check this several times a day! It eventually stopped after some months and haven't seen it since although I'm still running the WXP same computer.
Wasn't sure what to do with this jucheck.exe, but in control panel, I've disabled the update feature for Java, and that should do the trick !
Can't see it will do any harm at any rate.
Thanks and have a good festive season.

  Drum 15:59 24 Dec 2009

Posts crossed just then, but as I said in my initial description, I've updated it several times in the last couple of days on my brand new computer but it keeps coming back ?

  gigagiggles 01:03 25 Dec 2009

there is a site to confirm successful java runtime environment install:

click here

  Drum 13:37 25 Dec 2009

I had clicked the solved box for this question, but this was a little premature.
I've discovered that even if I stop automatic updates of jucheck.exe in control panel, apply and okay it, even shutdown and reboot, the next time I visit the automatic updates Page in control panel, it is enabled again. I've now tried selecting both update never, and update monthly, but whenever I look at the control panel page, automatic is always ticked.

I've tried deleting the icon for Java in the system tray (which appears in the hidden icons section), and selecting hide icon and notifications, but it keeps coming back. Still every 20 minutes getting an update request ?

This morning I noticed I've now got two Java icons in the system tray!
If I click on one of these it says "do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer), program name: jucheck.exe, publisher unknown, file origin: hard drive on this computer. (This is the one I get every 20 minutes).

If I click the other one it says program name: Java automatic update: Java (TM) SE runtime environment, verified publisher Sun Microsystems Inc. File origin: hard drive on this computer.

I'm beginning to wonder if somehow I'm not signed on as administrator when I make these changes for update frequency, and therefore it's not taking them ?
I've had a look in msconfig on the Startup tab, and there are two entries for Java platform SE 6 U14. One says, command C:\program files \Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe

.... and the other command C:\program files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe

I've left both these items ticked as I think these need to be running, it's just the 20 minute update urge I want to
kill, any ideas ?

  gigagiggles 16:43 25 Dec 2009

you need to uninstall the java runtime environment. there's also javara, a removal tool for older java versions. and then run every free anti-malware scanner you can get your hands on until you are sure you have no java applet. then reinstall the latest jre 6-17. and configure it thru the control panel applet not to check for updates.

then try the site i mentioned to confirm you have the latest version installed.

  slatwater 01:18 23 Aug 2011

my grandpa got the jucheck.exe popup as Drum mentioned as the first Java icon in system tray, picture displayed as in this site: picture of fake jucheck.exe, it says "jucheck.exe, publisher unknown, file origin: hard drive on this computer." just cannot stop it after many tries, i guess it's a trojan, you can learn a lot by searching a lot of this annoyance; since it's not a real Jave from Sun Microsystems, to remove jucheck.exe as the site suggested

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