jpgs on my website won't enlarge from thumbnails

  Norfolk Broad 13:22 12 May 2003

I've just started working for myself and so have created a website. I'm a total novice so I used MS Publisher (It said it would be simple and straightforward!!). After weeks of problems getting it successfully FTP'd because of the lack of an index.html file, its finally up and running... except now the images on the site (which I compressed or optimised so they'd load faster) won't enlarge to proper jpgs so the detail can be seen. This is a disaster as I'm an artist so the whole point of the site is to show the detail of the paintings! PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks :o)

  Confab 13:57 12 May 2003

It been a long time since I designed my own webpage but you need to create a link between the thumbnail (small compressd) image and the "full sized" image. When you then click on the thumbnail pic your sight will displays the larger image.

If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.

  Pesala 14:18 12 May 2003

Some tips on getting the best quality/size performance possible. click here

Have a look at this website, which does things very neatly: click here

Notice how the address changes in the address bar after you click on a thumbnail.

  MichelleC 14:39 12 May 2003

I don't know MS P, but it may be the same with FP 2000 you can insert pic, click to thumbnail it, then just r-click to insert 'hyperlink', and the actual link is auto inserted, and then just scroll to 'open in new window', and in preview the tn links to actual pic.

  Norfolk Broad 14:24 13 May 2003

thanks very much for the responses. I had made the hyperlinks from the thumbnails to the larger images when i built the site and all the files seem to be safely in my directory on my ISP server, plus the address bar does change when you click on the imgages, its just that nothing actually happens. However, I suspect it may be just that my pc and modem connection are incredibly slow (no mains gas in my village, let alone broadband) - are jpgs of about 170-190KBs too big to load on a slow connection?? I did compress them down from about 450KBs each already. This is driving me mad!!

  MichelleC 14:36 13 May 2003

They should load ok. Maybe your hyperlinks have got sequences in them (something...htm instead of something.htm). Sometimes it's just as easy to check for probs just to see if it's a server issue or not by deleting all your files on net website (except stats etc) and republish.

  scotty 15:20 13 May 2003

Are you aware that you can run your web site from your hard drive to allow you to test it? This has the advantage that you do not have to rely on a slow connection. To run locally, just open the index.htm file.

I have encountered one problem which this method of testing did not pick up. I had not been particular about case sensitivity and my file names and calls to these files were not all of matching case. This was OK when testing on my pc but after transfering to the server it would not work until the case was identical.

  harristweed 15:30 13 May 2003

180 kb will take 30 seconds to load at 56kbs

I try and get my jpg's to about 20 kb max. about 3 secs

  Norfolk Broad 16:28 13 May 2003

Hi and thanks all again. I've tried running the site from my hard drive by opening the index.html file and all the links work perfectly. I've also now further reduced my file sizes to as close to 20KBs as I can without completely losing the detail and I'll upload those tonight (will take your advice MichelleC and delete everything and start again). I'll let you know if it works! Thanks :o)

  Norfolk Broad 17:26 14 May 2003

Hi, I've now uploaded all the much smaller files as advised and its still not working (i.e. the jpgs are still not enlarging when you click on them). The website address is click here if it helps to see what I mean. Does this mean there's some problem with the HTML code that MS Publisher automatically creates (and which seems to work fine when I run the site as a preview from my hard drive)? If so, how do I find/look at the HTML code and what should I be looking for please?

  Simsy 17:50 14 May 2003

but the HTML code is linking to the wrong thing... I've got your home page loaded OK.. if I put the cursor over any of the links on the left, I can see which page the link is to.... e.g. "click here" This means that this link will take me to that page which is at that address on the www....

If, however, I hover the cursor over the picture, the indicated address is "file:///C:\Documents%20and%20Settings\Trucie\My%20Documents\My%20Pictures\Website%20pics\Abutilon%20optimised.jpg" This is an address on my C: drive, not on the www. Obviously I don't have the file, or even this exact address, hence a "can't open" message. When you test it on your PC you do have it at that address so it will open.

That's the problem, I'm sorry I don't have the expertise to be able to solve it for you. Keep lokking in, someone here will be able to I'm sure.

Nice First page, by the way!


Good luck,



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