jpg thumbnails gone

  concise 20:16 24 Jan 2005

At one time when in windows explorer when a jpg file was highlighted a thumbnail appeared. This facility seems to have stopped functioning. Any advice gladly received. (W98)

  VoG II 20:19 24 Jan 2005

Try these click here

  VoG II 20:22 24 Jan 2005
  concise 23:10 24 Jan 2005

VoG - Thanks very much for advice been through the downloads and have getting thumbnails now but those that are specificall jpg won't resolve because jpg is not included in the relevant registry entry. One of your links within a link provides information on reg. editing. I wonder if it's worth persuing? Possibly not.

  gudgulf 00:41 25 Jan 2005

Have a look at click here and if it is not XP you are using click here

Even if you do use XP it might be worth creating a restore point and trying the utility in the second link that is intended for Win2000.You never know it might just work and save manually editing the registry.

  concise 14:45 25 Jan 2005

gudgulf - thankyou. Couldn't get the download to download properly, which I think is linked to another thread about not being able to download pdf files. I know this was a vsb but the trouble seemed wide ranging. However I reverted to IE5.5 from 6 and everything resolved itself!
Thanks again (&VoG)

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