.jpg images and Office applications

  Bramblerose 18:03 08 May 2004

I have a Powerpoint template a client sent to me and on the master was their logo – I needed to create a Word document to go with the presentation so copied and pasted the logo into word.

Worked a treat for me (I have office 2000)) however when I sent the completed work over to him, he said that the logo in the word document was inverted and back to front both on screen and when he printed (he has office XP)

I have heard of this happening before and thought it could be because I had just copied and pasted the logo, so I opened up PSP and copied and pasted the logo in there, tweaked the settings so that it was a sharp image and exported it as a jpg and then inserted it into the Word document as a picture. (We couldn't get a copy of the original logo)

Again, this worked with me and when I spoke to my client he said that it looked great on screen but still printed out inverted and back to front!

Anyone any ideas why? Is it just an Office thing between the two versions, could it be his printer? Its not an issue as I am now doing the printing but its just bugging the life out of me!!

  Bramblerose 18:29 09 May 2004

Shameless bump!

  HXP 18:53 09 May 2004


Never heard of that before ....

You could try sending it as an .rtf document which keeps the embedded .jpg file ?

The only other alternative is to send them the .jpg file and they insert it themselves ( not a solution I know but at least it would prove what problem is)


  Bramblerose 20:50 10 May 2004

It appears that Office XP doesn't like copy and pasted images!

Apparently the image didnt print on only 4 pages of the document i sent through - once I had tweaked it and made sure the image was inserted rather than copied - its now fine!!

Thanks for your suggestion though

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