JPG files to Smart Media card

  ExPara 09:51 23 May 2005

While on holiday I filled my Smart Media card in my camera. I managed to get the files transfered to a CD-R so that I could format and reuse the card. Back home I downloaded the files from the CD-R to my hard drive. The idea was to reload the files back onto the Smart Media card, put it back into my camera and then to view the resulting photo's on my TV. It did not work. Is there any way that I can view the photo's on my TV?

  hssutton 10:54 23 May 2005

More often than not the metadata on the files gets altered when you move you image files around, resulting in your camera then not being able to recognise them. If you have a CD/DVD burner, the best method would be to create a slideshow on CD/DVD, assuming of course you have a compatible DVD player. There are a number of freeware slideshow progs on the net, but here's one click here

  TomJerry 10:59 23 May 2005

if you have a dvd player, you can produce slide show to view it as pointed above

many DVD players support jpeg, you can put CD with jpegs in dvd player and view them on TV

if you want to buy a new DVD player, it is better to get a cheap (around £30) Chinese dvd player. They are great, multi format, multi-region and with great error correction functions (becuase dvds quality in China is general poor, so all players have great error correction functions).

  Stuartli 11:07 23 May 2005

If you produce a slide show on CD-R most recent DVD players will recognise the format and automatically show them in that form according to your time setting between each pic.

By the way, have you tried using a card reader/writer to transfer the pix files on to your memory card rather than using the camera?

  ayrmail 11:13 23 May 2005

Do you have a DVD player?
Will it play CD's/Kodak picture?
On your PC do you have a CD/DVD writer?
If you do then post back and someone will be able to help.

  jack 12:06 23 May 2005

You did not mention what operating system you are on is it 98/ME/2000?
These reason that you camera does not read JPEGs that ha ve been through a computer is this.
Cameras not only record the image, but also the camera details- date/time/exposure/ et al.

This image is called EXIF, which is a special extention of JPEG for cameras.
THe O/S's mentioned above do not know about EXIF, and therefor strips the data off - the result cameras do not recognise bare JPEG's.
The solution lies here

click here

A free download for a restricted version and £15 or so for release code to full version
This program not only makes images back to camera mode but also makes slide shows for PC/TV/DVD burning adding sound tracks, captions, disolves
and all sorts to make your truly wonderful to behold

  ExPara 17:49 23 May 2005

Thanks for the info'. I'm sure that I will be able to sort it out with the help that you have provided

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