JPG corrupted with Grey overlay bars

  Rebuilt 10:36 29 Nov 2011

I am having a weird problem problem with JPG's on a memory stick. Just one or two have a grey band that has appeared over part of the picture. It was not there the first time I viewed the picture but it is now persistent - even after moving the JPG to another medium.

For some reason I did try rotating the pictures and this managed to clean up about half of them but, for the other half, I see the original picture as it is being rotated (so it is still there) but the grey band re-superimposes itself. I have tried 2-3 different tools to open the picture without any success. The pictures came from more than one camera.

So I have 2 problems :- 1) How did this occur? I have not modified the pictures in any way (including not rotating them before the problem occurred). I close the memory stick before safely unloading it. It has happened on 2 different memory sticks.

2) How can I fix it? It is clear that the original picture still exists and the banding is just an overlay - but how to clean it up?

  northumbria61 11:39 29 Nov 2011

Something here for "starters" similar to what you are experiencing. The suggestion is to check the disc for errors enter link description here

  northumbria61 11:41 29 Nov 2011

More here enter link description here although I am still looking to see if there is a possible fix for you.

  northumbria61 11:47 29 Nov 2011

There is JPEG Repair Software here enter link description here although I have no knowledge of it at all.

  Rebuilt 12:04 29 Nov 2011

Hi Northumbria61: Yes, my corrupted photos look similar to the ones in your first 2 links - but there are differences :- 1) I have done scans of the (solid state) memory sticks and no problems are found. 2) as the photo is being rotated I can see it is all there in an undamaged state before the grey bar overlay is applied.

This gives me some hope it can be fixed but no idea what originally caused it (no InfraRed anywhere around).

I will try the fix software from your third link when I get home tonight.

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