JPEGs on VCD or DVD problems

  Halfbeat 17:10 20 Aug 2006

All I wanna do is make a nice slideshow of our holiday snaps that we can bung in the DVD player and watch on the TV. I have used Roxio to put them on a DVD and a VCD and both play on the computer OK but not on the DVD player (just give an error). The info says it plays DVDs and CD-R/RW but is it just the player that cannot read the discs I have made?
Also, when I view the pics on the discs on the PC the quality is poor (look out of focus) whereas if I view them as a Windows slideshow straight from the folders they are pin sharp. I used the best quality setting in Roxio. Any ideas what the problem is?

  Tanzy_uk 17:21 20 Aug 2006

Hi Halfbeat, The first problem could be a combatability problem and one of 3 things, first has the disk you burnt been finalised, second make sure the correct media is being used i.e DVD-R or DVD+R some players will play only play one or the other, and finaly make sure it is possable to play writeable discs at all, some of the so called higher end players don't allow for burnt discs to be played at all. As for the second problem it sounds as if your Roxio may change the quality of the pictures(i.e compress them) before burning, try looking at the settings and see if there is anything about compression and try to de-select it.

  Bagsey 18:31 20 Aug 2006

I use DVDPixplay from click here
There is a free trial for a few weeks and the full program is $30.00 about £17.00. I think it is worth it. The free trial only allows you to try with upto 50 photo's but full version is unlimited. You can burn. Dvd, vcd, svcd. and others. I have had a lot of success with it.

  Bagsey 18:33 20 Aug 2006

I should have added that you can add music and other fancy tricks like zooming on the image and changing your view point.

  Halfbeat 17:54 22 Aug 2006

Thanks for all the suggestions. Roxio's 'help' site just suggests upgrading to version 8 which actually seems to cost more than DVDPaxplay- so thanks bagsey I think I'll try that.
Tanzy_uk- I can't find anything about compression in Roxio there's just the Good/medium/poor quality options as far as I can see. It says it encodes the photos as an MPEG video stream.

  Halfbeat 14:09 10 Sep 2006

I've tried DVDPixplay and it goes through the motions of creating a CD or DVD, and I can hear the DVD rewriter spin up, but when it's finished the DVD or CD is still blank. I've tried a CD-R (as a VCD and SVCD) and a DVD+R (my player is compatible with all types) but they are all blank after the burning process. I seem to be following the instructions correctly as per the turorial. I know the DVD rewriter works OK as I've burned discs using Roxio but the quality is poor. Am I missing something and being a bit thick or something?

  Bagsey 19:06 11 Sep 2006

There are issues arround burning for use in external dvd players. I had no problems using VCD or SVCD but DVD gave me a little grief until I got help from.
click here
If you have no luck then try burning your project to your HDD then use a program like Nero to burn you DVD. Anyway I have no problems now so go to that Forum. The help there is usually very good. Sorry I cant be of more help but I am not well up in DVD stuff.I assume that you are using DVDPixplay ver 3.1

  skidzy 19:46 11 Sep 2006

Maybe something as silly as:

Are you formatting the media first,i use sonic digital media le

And always format first,this is to intialise the disc.

Hope this helps.

  Halfbeat 18:17 08 Oct 2006

Thanks for all your advice. I got DVDPixplay to work after uninstalling Roxio. The DVDs play OK on my sister's DVD player so it's obviously our player that is at fault and can't read the discs. Thanks everyone.

  Jak_1 19:06 08 Oct 2006

Sounds silly but, do you have the burning program set to the corect media?

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