JPEGs recovered but not original size and more

  hatrickj 07:35 22 Sep 2010

I have recovered a number of jpeg files from my hard disk. I thought they would be the original size, but they are thumbnails, 160x120 pix, but with properties giving file sizes like 3MB.

On the recovery disk I am viewing tiles and no faults are visible. When I try to open them, they appear for an instant then vanish with message 'failed to open file'

Am I doing something silly? What should I do?

  Nontek 08:07 22 Sep 2010

It seems as if you have only recovered the Shortcuts to the images.

Try this recovery program instead ... click here is a direct download.

Before clicking on Start to recover the images, make a new folder on your Desktop and then direct the recovery program (browse to it) to send the images to that new folder, they will then be easy to find. (Otherwise the program will save recovered images into its own Program folder.)

  Nontek 08:36 22 Sep 2010

I forgot to mention, that this little program will not only recover your images, but also every image it finds on your hard drive - this includes all the little icons etc that you see when you open any program - so you could end up with thousands of 'images' - just delete those that you do not require, don't worry they will still be there in their usual place afterwards.

  Nontek 08:38 22 Sep 2010

Also, to stop the program at any time, just click on Cancel - the recovered images will still be in your 'new folder'.

  hatrickj 09:19 22 Sep 2010

@Nontek before I download.
You say, "make a new folder on your Desktop and then direct the recovery program (browse to it) to send the images to that new folder,"

Most other recovery programs recommend saving the recovered items to another drive to avoid over writing data on the source drive.

Is there something different about the program you list to make it safe to use the source?

  Nontek 09:48 22 Sep 2010

I have used the program dozens of times, I can assure you there will be no problems.

I worded that a little bit wrong, I meant for you to Browse to your New Folder from within the Recovery Program - not to browse for the program itself.

  MAJ 09:57 22 Sep 2010

The 'belt and braces' approach is to save the recovered images to another drive, if the pictures are important to you, use the belt and braces approach. I usually save to another folder on the source drive without problems, but once recently some of the images recovered were corrupted.

  hatrickj 10:39 22 Sep 2010

Got page could not be found message from link, and from site address not authorized to access.

  Nontek 11:06 22 Sep 2010

Ooops - sorry, missed off the .zip on my link above.

124 - THANKS!

  hatrickj 12:31 22 Sep 2010

Thanks guys! Program now finding files, and I await with bitten nails the results.

  Nontek 16:28 22 Sep 2010

And .... ??

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