Jpeg recovery possible?

  Sirpad 00:47 03 Mar 2008

12 year-old likes to tease her 9 year-old sister so she brings up a JPEG photo the 9 year-old cherishes and uses some utility to write on the photo and then saves it!!!! Nice one! I promised the innocent victim I'd see if there was a way to restore this photo!

This may be a stupid question but is there a way to go back to the original JPEG?

  Kemistri 01:40 03 Mar 2008

If you haven't got an old version and this wasn't saved as any kind of object file or layer file, then you'll just have to try to clone out the damage.

  UncleP 02:19 03 Mar 2008

The simple answer is that in general it is not possible to restore detail that has been overwritten in an image - it no longer exists. A few programs will not, for this reason, overwrite the original file; others issue a warning, but many assume the user knows what he or she is doing and just go ahead.

First check that the original file was not backed up and is not available elsewhere on the HD or on the memory card in the camera. It helps to have a program which will search your disk for all images present and puts them up on the screen as small (thumbnail) versions.

Second, check that the utility saves the modified file as a jpeg with the same name as the original. Some put titles etc on a different layer, which means that they can be easily removed or changed, but the images are then usually stored in a proprietary format ie not with a .jpg extension. Occasionally the original filename is altered.

I imagine you have probably done all of this; the only remaining option is to use a graphics program to replace the offending text with an approximation to the original using adjacent pictorial information. It's usually a tedious procedure and the degree of success depends on the level of detail in the original and the size and amount of text added.

  Sirpad 11:06 04 Mar 2008

THanks guys............I may have a backup that has it....other than that I'll just have to use a graphics program and try and put it back!!!

  woodchip 11:13 04 Mar 2008

You should be able to remove using the software that put it on, as it is a layer above the photo. You have to select the "layer writting" the delete it and resave

  woodchip 11:19 04 Mar 2008

Also check to see if it as been saved as a different Photo or Format. If it as the old one should still be there as it was

  anchor 12:34 04 Mar 2008

It is most probable that a youngster would have saved the new image as a jpg, with the layers merged; hence impossible to separate the writing from the original picture.

If a back up file does not exist then, depending on how the writing is placed, you might try "removing" it using the clone brush in a good photo programme.

I have never removed writing, but have successfully repaired seriously damaged pictures, removing holes and cracks. I would imagine the procedure is similar. Of course, the success will depend how extensively the writing obscures the original image. Why not put the picture here so we can judge:

click here

then post the link to it.

ps: I always keep a back-up of important items.

  Sirpad 11:00 05 Mar 2008

Thanks for all the tips guys..........I did have a backup as it happens. Phew!

  anchor 11:46 05 Mar 2008

Glad things worked out for you.

Suggest you tick resolved.

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