JPEG to PDF- so many options-which is best?

  buel 18:57 28 Oct 2013

Hi, I have 20 JPEGs that I want to save/convert to a PDF/PDFs so I can send them to be printed (long story but they do have to be PDFs). I have seen many online free converters but I wondered which ones you guys recommend?

  buel 20:42 28 Oct 2013

Anyone, please?

  buel 20:42 28 Oct 2013

Anyone, please?

  john bunyan 20:47 28 Oct 2013

I have Photoshop (it comes in various costs etc) which will do it. Not sure about free ones - will look up

  wee eddie 20:59 28 Oct 2013

Why do you want to do this?

The concept of a PDF is that any text is fixed and unalterable as is the layout. As a JPEG is, effectively a photo, any text, and layout, on it is also unalterable.

  buel 21:05 28 Oct 2013

Why? Because the company who will turn the scans of text that I have in to a binded book and they only accept PDFs.

So any ideas then. please?

  buel 21:09 28 Oct 2013

Just in case anyone is interested, this seems to do the job well:

click here

  hssutton 21:11 28 Oct 2013

I was also wondering why you would want to do this. However Photoshop is ideal for doing this CS2 is available for free, but may be overkill for what you want. You can download it from adobe,but you do have to register. Read about it here Photoshop CS2

  SimpleSimon1 09:56 29 Oct 2013

As someone else said, Photoshop will do it but is probably overkill if you'll never use it, otherwise. Although I use Photoshop, when I need to quickly convert something to pdf, I use PDF reDirect (Click Here). It has a freeware version which suits my needs, is dead easy to use (installs as a virtual printer), is stable and just works!I've never noticed any conversion degradation so it's probably worth a look

  wee eddie 10:46 29 Oct 2013

I noticed that you wrote "Scans of Text". Many Scanners will Save as a PDF

  Batch 14:18 29 Oct 2013

Could you insert the jpegs into a Word type document and then convert that document to a PDF?

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