jpeg to mpeg

  bovthedog 16:32 25 Jun 2007

Is there a way (preferably painless) of converting jpeg files to mpeg?

  namtas 16:50 25 Jun 2007

how can you change jpeg to mpeg, jpeg is just a still picture but mpeg is a movie format so unless you have a bunch of jpegs and can morph them into a moving picture like cartoons i really don't understand. but hey, technology's an amazing thing right?

  Sheik Yerbouti 16:56 25 Jun 2007

click here
This might help, or maybe Adobe Premiere, but I doubt it will be painless #;-0

Best of luck with it though.

  bovthedog 17:00 25 Jun 2007

ok, let me explain. I have a DVD player that will play mpeg but it won't play photo files in jpeg. Other DVD players I've tried, not mine, will play jpeg. So to view jpeg files I need to convert to mpeg, unless you know another way. Solutions must not include buying another DVD player.

  pj123 18:01 25 Jun 2007

So you have obviously bought the wrong DVD player.

"Solutions must not include buying another DVD player"

Unfortunately, that's the only way to go.

Give us some info on what your PC specification is? What Operating System are you using. Is the DVD player a standalone or an internal PC DVD Rom?

  bovthedog 18:10 25 Jun 2007

Thanks pj, thought that might be the answer. The DVD is a Philips home cinema player and although I've had it for about 4 years have only just got into digi camera mode. The photo files are jpeg and CD produced on Win XP.

  David4637 14:56 26 Jun 2007

You could use Pinnacle Studio V943 or later to arrange the jpgs in a slide show, then burn them to a DVD format (*.VOBs) that will play on most DVD players. This is what I use to create a menu of Icons which then selects a number of images one at a time with transtions between each if required. David

  Demora 15:31 26 Jun 2007

Or if your running winxp and don't want to spend any money 'Windows own MovieMaker'

We did this to make a video from screenshots of my daughters 'Halo Party'

We also added music to the photos.


  bovthedog 21:10 28 Jun 2007

Thanks for the advice. Philips confirmed that my DVD player will not play jpeg. So I'm going to try Movie Maker and then Pinnacle.

There are lots of programs out there that convert photos to slideshows in various formats suitable for playing in a home DVD player. Try googling for "Photo 2 DVD" or type in "Photo DVD". They have trial versions or can be bought for approx. £15. ALso might be worth looking in freeware section of click here for a suitable utility.

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