JPEG images do not show but GIFs do

  powerless 02:19 13 Dec 2003

FP2003 (I Upgraded) Windows XP SP1!

I have a page and when I go to to insert the image the image appears. However if I preview or save and preview in the my browser (Internet Explorer) the box with a red X appears.

The image I am trying to insert is JPEG and measures 48x48 and its size is 9.05KB. ( ihave many images of this size)

Now if I save the image as a GIF the image appears perfectly and no red X in a box appears.

I want to use the JPEG image as it is of higher quality than then GIF, the GIF loses it quality and this can be seen.

Another question will follow...


  User-312386 02:20 13 Dec 2003

upload the image to the server mate

  powerless 02:32 13 Dec 2003

No, its still the same.

  The GnoMe 06:37 13 Dec 2003

if your image is on the server are you sure that you have linked to the correct image as in 'image.jpeg' rather than 'image.gif'

this will make a difference

  powerless 07:18 13 Dec 2003

<b><img border="0" src="../../icons/jpegs/48x48/defrag.jpg" width="48" height="48" align="left">Disk Defragmenter</b>

That mean anything?

  Pesala 07:41 13 Dec 2003

This is the code on my website:


  powerless 10:02 13 Dec 2003

I deleted the ../ and the image vanished.

  Pesala 11:53 13 Dec 2003

I thought it had already vanished, that was why you were getting the red cross.

Try clearing the cache and refreshing the page. Try pasting a link so that we can check.

  Patr100 12:24 13 Dec 2003

Also make sure the HTML code and uploaded picture have the same extension. *.Jpeg and *.jpeg not *.jpeg and *.jpg

  powerless 13:23 13 Dec 2003

When in design view it is there...

When viewing it in Preview or prevew in browser it has the box and X.

When i deleted ../ in Design view, the image vanished.

Patr100 - Its the same.

  PurplePenny 18:34 13 Dec 2003

Paste a link so that we can go and take a look. Maybe you are getting your root/subdirectory relationships wrong in the pathname.


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