jpeg images to cd

  stourry 11:16 05 Dec 2003

i run win 98se and nero cd software i would like to put jpeg images of my daughters wedding on to cd how do you do this
thanks in advance

  powerless 11:19 05 Dec 2003

For what purpose?

Backup or a VCD?

  Gongoozler 11:21 05 Dec 2003

Hi Ray. Just have the jpeg images in a folder on your pc, and using Nero copy the images across. If you want to give copies of the cd to people to view the images, you could also include teh excellent free Irfanview from click here

  keenan 11:25 05 Dec 2003

Irfanview click here
and has Plugins for burning in nero.

  stlucia 13:20 05 Dec 2003

If it's to show pictures on a telly using a domestic dvd player, assuming you've got a CD burner and software you just select the option to "Create a slide show" (or something like that, depending on the software -- see keenan's link to Irfanview for example) in VCD format. Then just tell it which jpegs you want, and it will add whatever other files are necessary so that your DVD player can read them.

If it's to view them on a computer, just use the burning software to copy the files straight from your hard disk.

  Gongoozler 16:23 05 Dec 2003

I think a word of caution should be added to the advice from stlucia. If you burn your pictures to cd for display to a tv, also make sure that you keep a backup of the full definition jpegs. Television pictures are quite low resolution.

  stourry 17:22 05 Dec 2003

sorry should have said for personal use and to send to family
not wanting to display on tv just on pc and allowing copies to be sent to family to make own prints
thanks all the help ray
will try infaview

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