jpeg images to big

  User-D6D8B14C-E947-44C9-9F578F76ABFE130E 21:09 08 Jan 2004

When i sent my boss an email with a photo attatchment it took him a while to open it,
He thinks my jpeg photos are to big they are around 374kb to 410kb each is there
a way of reducing the size of them,any feedback would be great,thanks kev.

  AubreyS 21:14 08 Jan 2004

Open a photo up in whatever you view it in Then look at the options and see if there is a resize option. then save it at the new size.

  Pesala 21:22 08 Jan 2004

That should give you a JPG file of about 55 Kbytes.

  Dipso 21:54 08 Jan 2004

Don't know what your OS is but, I run XP and if I right click the image and select Send to > Mail Recipient, I get the option to reduce the size of the image. It is usually reduced to around 20-30kb.

I have tried other ways of reducing images by making the resolution 800 x 600 but I can't get them as small as the other method.

  beeuuem 22:10 08 Jan 2004

Irfanview allows you to resize pictures click here (the main Irfanview site appears to be down at the moment)
as does 'Photo Resizer' from click here

thanks for your help job done cheers kev

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