JPEG images

  [DELETED] 11:28 05 Dec 2003

I store all my photos as Jpeg images. I have been told that each time I open a Jpeg file the image degrades.
Is this true , and if so, what do I do to correct it?

  powerless 11:30 05 Dec 2003

You've been told a lie.

  [DELETED] 11:42 05 Dec 2003

I was,nt aware this could happen, However click here

  Diemmess 11:56 05 Dec 2003

Most of the worthy software saves without compression or at least gives you a choice.

There are other formats for the purist, but "jaypegs" aremost widely used for transfer between applications and fine for most purposes including ambitious picture making

  [DELETED] 13:23 05 Dec 2003

Each time a JPG file is SAVED, it CAN degrade, but if no major changes are made to it, then opening and saving it repeatedly at the same compression level makes little or no difference. The file does not degrade on being OPENED.

  [DELETED] 13:33 05 Dec 2003

The only time a jpeg image degrades is if you make any alterations to it and resave it. The way I go is. Make a copy and save it as a .tif file. Then make any enhancements you need to and save. You would need photo editing software though, like Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop

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