Lemur 22:17 26 Apr 2005

I have some digital pictures stored in "MY DOCUMENTS" but, following the editing of the title under each thumbnail, by adding a description to the "DSC01234.JPG" number, some of the thumbnail pictures have suddenly become just JPEG Icons. I am unable to open these, and right clicking on the Icon, does not give me the option to re-name (to enable me to change it back to just the DSC number), as it does on the remaining thumbnail pictures. The file size of the JPEG Icon tantalisingly seems to indicate that the picture image is still there but, I cannot open it! Any ideas please?

  User-312386 22:20 26 Apr 2005

Re-Start the computer and see

  Lemur 22:24 26 Apr 2005

Thanks madboy33. Unfortunately, this problem has survived several re-boots over several days!

  User-312386 23:03 26 Apr 2005


Double click My Computer>Right Click C drive and select Properties

Now Select Tools then under error checking click "Check now"

Tick both boxes and restart computer

  bamfiesler 23:20 26 Apr 2005

Try this. In 'My Computer', go to Tools - Folder Options - File Types. Scroll down to the type of file you have and try opening them with another file type. Whatever they are, they exist, and can be opened....somehow.

Hope this helps.

  bamfiesler 23:22 26 Apr 2005

Methinks you have maybe uploaded these pix from a digi-cam whose software you haven't installed??

Just an idea...........

  scotty 09:42 27 Apr 2005

As a first step, display the full information about the files by clicking on the view menu and selecting Details. This will let you see the full file name and extension (you may need to change an option in Tools\Folder options\View and untick the option "Hide file extensions for known file types"). From here you might see what is different with the files which are not displaying.

  Simsy 11:48 27 Apr 2005

"following the editing of the title under each thumbnail" the problem arises...

I suspect that you haven't kept the extension on the new name.

A file originally called "DSC01234.JPG" can be renamed;


but not


(Well it can, but with the kind of results you describe!)

I hope this helps... apologies if it doesn't!



  Lemur 04:43 28 Apr 2005

Thank you all for your help with this. I have tried/checked all your ideas but, so far, have still failed.

What I have found following Scotty's suggestion is that, the offending images all lack information in the "Date Picture Taken" and Dimensions" columns. Sadly, I am unable to insert this information. Furthermore, when I right click on the Icon, unlike the good boys, I do not get the Properties screen option, but can get it via "File". BUT the Properties screen is completely devoid of information! Does this situation ring any bells please?

  Dart Echo 09:10 28 Apr 2005

It is an image file, that's for sure, and you have done something to confuse your software. That also seems for sure. Within your imaging programmes and apps you are bound to have something to convert image files to jpeg I imagine. So if I were you I'd try converting to jpeg and see what happens.

Bit of a long shot I realise but worth a try.

  scotty 10:00 28 Apr 2005

I suggest, that before you do anything else, you create a copy of the files in a separate directory and work on the copies - just in case!

If you look at the Properties for one of the affected files, what is the file name and what program is used to open the file?

Do you have any other programs which can open .JPG files? If so, select "File\Open with" to use these other programs to attempt to open them. If you do not have any other programs, download Irfanview (freeware).

Also, you say you can get to the Properties via File. Can you change the file name through this route?

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