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  Queensferry 19:48 21 Jul 2008

I burnt a photo CD using jpeg files of my grandchildren and clicked on finish so that it could be viewed on any pc. However, when I tried to view it on my daughters pc, which uses XP, I was unable to do so. Can anyone tell me why this should happen? It has happened to me several times.
I use Vista - which I loathe and this brings me to my second question.
Is it possible to remove Vista from my Dell PC and install XP, if so, is there anything I should be aware of before commencing installation?

  DieSse 19:56 21 Jul 2008

You say "a photo CD" - is that a special format, or just a simple CD with jpg files?

If you used a program (rather than just copied the files) to burn the CD, perhaps you simply don't have the correct program to read them on the XP system. Other than that, there's no technical reason that the CD should be unreadable in XP.

Re putting XP on the system - there is one major issue - does the system have a set of drivers for use with XP - some newer systems don't have. Also you may care to ask Dell if there is a "downgrade" option for your system - some Dell systems have that, I understand.

  Queensferry 21:16 21 Jul 2008

It was a data CD that I burnt with photos. I had Millennium before Vista and I had no problem viewing my photos.

  grey george 21:38 21 Jul 2008

There is a drop down menu when you burn which allows you change the format from a windows one to one that should work on all devices. It's a pain because it always defaults back to the wrong format.

  DieSse 23:41 21 Jul 2008

"However, when I tried to view it on my daughters pc, which uses XP, I was unable to do so."

Tell us exactly what happens.

Can you see the jpg files on the CD?

If you can, exactly what happens when you double click on them?


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