quack 16:02 23 Sep 2004

I am trying to burn a DVD disk, using pics in JPEG format, which will play as a slide show in a TV DVD player. What soft ware,if any, do I need to get the job done? Do I need to change the JPEG format or is it totally impossible. I have Cyberlink Multimedia which includes Power DVD, Power Producer & Media Show none of which seem able to help me.

  bretsky 16:44 23 Sep 2004

I think this is on try before you buy basis
click here also this
click here

bretsky ;0)

  quack 17:29 23 Sep 2004

Hi Bretsky,
Thanks very much for your response. Looks as if the software you suggest will do the job. I'll download the trial version and let you know how I get on.

  hssutton 19:18 23 Sep 2004

You can try the best free for a month click here

  lindyloo4 20:42 23 Sep 2004

Have you tried just saving the pics on a normal CD. Just as you would save them as a backup disc for the computer. My DVD will play the CD as a slideshow. It may not be necessary for any fancy software.

  JonnyTub 20:48 23 Sep 2004

i'll second lindyloo4's suggestion, my dvd player has jpeg playback built in and so a dvd or cd with quite literally just pictures burned to it will play in the machine with functions such as play, pause, next, back, zoom, etc. If yours doesn't support jpeg playback then i'd recommend hssutton's link as it's what i used before i had a compatible player and is very comprehensive

  quack 21:37 23 Sep 2004

Hi all,
I have tried to play the CD on which the JPEGs are copied in my DVD player but no luck. So thanks to Lindyloo and JonnyTub for the suggestion. I have also downloaded the three progs suggested by bretsky and hssutton. So far I have tried Pro Show Gold but,despite upgrading,the prog will not recognise my DVD/RW and only finds my CD/RW so I cant burn a DVD disk. I have yet to try the other progs but I hope to have better luck with them. Will keep you posted.

  bretsky 23:12 23 Sep 2004

This is a bit of an unknown area with pc DVD writers/players and stand-alone DVD players and fraught with compatibility issues.

I would hold fire on spending your money on various software packages until you know what format you can record/write and will playback on your TV DVD player.

If you are a regular reader of pca mag, I have seen in the top 10 charts of DVD writers in the buyers advice section, formats explained.

Sorry I can't point you to some more useful links.

Bretsky ;0)

  quack 02:11 24 Sep 2004

Thanks again to all. My DVD/RW is dual format and can burn disks sucessfully in Roxio EZ CD Creator so I don't think any probs lay in the hardware. I will persevere until I can solve the issue.

  hugh-265156 02:39 24 Sep 2004

some dvd players can play jpeg discs ok others need it to be converted to mpeg first. look up your home dvd player click here and see what type of discs it can play.

its quite basic but i find windows movie maker excellent for this purporse. check your all programs menu and see if you have it. with xp you should. if not click here

  quack 20:50 19 Dec 2004

Thanks for all the help. I now have Roxio Creator 7 installed and it solves the problem brilliantly.

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