tamig49 15:41 12 Jan 2011

My friend called me and said he has a bunch of CD's he burned pictures on (jpgs) . At the time he was running Windows 98. They worked fine. He upgraded to Vista and the CD's will not work. Is there anything he can do to fix that? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:44 12 Jan 2011

What burning software did he use to burn them?

It sounds as if they are not "Finalised"

  Simsy 00:10 13 Jan 2011

as he used Win98 to burn them, that these CDs were burned/made quite some time ago.

If this is the case, and they are more than about 5 years old, I would suspect that it's simply a case of the CDs deteriorating.

Unfortunately it's just a fact of life that this happens to CDs after a while. I have some CDs that are still "fine" 10 years after burning, but I've also experienced some that were useless after as little as 3 years.

I hope it's not the case for you friend, but I fear it may be!

The only possible solution I have is to try reading them in another computer... if successful then get the files copied and anothe rCD burnt from the copies!

Good luck,



  tamig49 00:17 13 Jan 2011

I will tell him about the deterioration. Thing is, he switched to Vista like 3 or 4 years ago and the CDs were new then They never worked from the time he got Vista but worked fine on 98. He says when he puts them in the computer the discs appear to be blank. What do you mean by finalize? I will check and see what he used to burn them..

  robin_x 00:51 13 Jan 2011

If he has, or can get hold of, a W98 CD you could try installing in a virtual machine and see if they may be somehow readable that way.

Maybe a long shot and VirtualBox is a bit tricky on first use. Have to read the Help/FAQs etc.

click here

  tamig49 01:19 13 Jan 2011

He installed a sony CD burner and burned them that way. He still has the installation disc for the sony CD burner. Should he install that?

  tamig49 01:31 13 Jan 2011

He is thinking he may not have finalized as mentioned earlier. Any way to do that without the old computer?
Can he install the sony software on his new PC and close the session that way? Or will it screw up the already installed burner?

  lotvic 01:59 13 Jan 2011

<<sony CD burner>> is that a Burning program like Roxio or Nero is?

  tamig49 02:57 13 Jan 2011

No he means an actual sony brand CD burner that he installed that came with software

  lotvic 12:51 13 Jan 2011

It shouldn't screw up the already installed burner as you can have more than one CD/DVD Writer/Burner attached by cable to a computer click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:44 13 Jan 2011

HAve a look what the software is that came with the burner and if necessary just load the software, insert the disks and finalise them.

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