JPEG back to a text document...

  Magik ®© 22:14 12 Aug 2003

I saved a load of images and some text files and put them onto a CD, my image viewer is Irfanview, the are all now JPEG, I now want to edit one of the text ones, but i can not find any way of doing it, I can not highlight any of it and "copy" all i can do is drag a box round the text, and then it will copy, i have opened MS Word, but still i can not alter it, any ideas


  Stuartli 22:24 12 Aug 2003

A .jpeg is for compressing pix and is low resolution with a bitmapped appearance - text requires a far, far higher level of resolution.

  Magik ®© 22:36 12 Aug 2003

I think i might have worded it wrong, the text has landed up as a Jpeg. and i want to alter it.


  steve12345 22:41 12 Aug 2003

If these are text files which have been labeled as jpeg files, then just rename them.

Change the .jpeg extension to .txt

  Magik ®© 22:49 12 Aug 2003

i realize it is me, but where and how can i rename it...thanks..

  DieSse 22:52 12 Aug 2003

A jpeg is no longer text (a stream of characters), it's a picture. To get it back to text, you will have to run it through an OCR (Optical Character Recogniton) program, of the sort you get with a scanner.

It's literally impossible to get it back into text any other way, other than retyping it.

  Magik ®© 22:56 12 Aug 2003

thank you, i do so happen to have a OCR programme. only been trying to change it since about 5 this evening :-(

thanks again.

  steve12345 20:26 13 Aug 2003

Just to make this clear, are these "text" files actually jpeg files? Can you load them into a paint-program? If you can then they are indeed jpeg files and you will need to use an OCR program as DieSse says.

However if the paint-program gives an error, these files may actually be TXT files which some errant program has renamed as jpegs.

If this is the case and you want to rename them, just copy them from the CDR to your HDD. Then all you have to do is Right-Click on them and choose Rename from the popup menu. Just change the extension from ".jpg" (or ".jpeg") to ".txt" . Windows will give a warning but just click yes.

Then just double click on it to see if Notepad will open it.

Hope this helps.

  steve12345 20:30 13 Aug 2003

Sorry, didn't see the "resolved" tick when I posted. lol.

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