Joystick setup and Xp2000+temp

  [DELETED] 23:15 15 Sep 2003

Hi all hope you can assist me here.I,ve just bought a MS forcefeedback 2 JS, but compared to the Logitech wingman I had last year it does,nt seem to have much force,feedback. I,ts a bit slack,plane,s in FS2004 are all over the place.

Ive messed with the setting,s but no luck the Wingman used to try and pull my arm off when it was on top setting,s I think I should feel the bump,s on the runway on TO ,landing and I cant.

Also can anyone tell me what temp my XP2000+ should be able to cope with,when i play fs2004 I have to reduce the voltage on CPU to 1250 mzh instead of 1650mzh because temp goes to 55C
and it crashe,s fan runs at 5444rpm its new at reduced voltage CPU is ok but I would like to run CPU at full whack,hope you can help as usual thank,s in advance.

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