joystick or game pad?

  morgueman 00:49 27 Nov 2004

Hello all, i will be getting a new computer soon, and will be playing alot of the newer games out, especially Doom3, among others. My question is, is there a joystick or game pad that can be used on the pc with these games or do i just stick to my old method of using the keyboard and mouse, which always meant i got my arse kicked quite alot!! Thanks for any help on this,


  hugh-265156 02:29 27 Nov 2004

for doom3 and most fps games my advice is to stick with with the keyboard and mouse, if your not used to it you soon will be as its easy to pick up after some practise.

game pads are good for some games like grand theft auto click here etc that are converted from console versions but this plays well even with mouse and keyboard, depends on the game and how its converted to pc.

a joystick in my opinion is essential though for a flight sim game and i would spend money on that if you use them. other than that keyboard and mouse rules.

logitech, saitek or microsoft sidwinder products are usually good quality click here click here

  georgemac 08:28 27 Nov 2004

I'm no gamer but have seen some say nostromo is the king and the nostromo one click here is supposed to be king - maybe santa can bring you one?

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