Joystick - Games port to USB adaptor?

  jonmac 08:37 01 Dec 2003

The XP drivers for my Logitech Wingman Interceptor joystick with gameport plug are only for USB connection. I've seen adaptors supplied with some joysticks to overcome this but can't so far source one from computer shops or Maplin etc. Can anyone help?

  Sam Witch 12:59 03 Dec 2003


Maplin do one its £29 called a serial to usb converter check click here - ZP43W USB TO Seial D9 Male.

sorry its only 24.99

  jonmac 23:46 03 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply Sam Witch but surely serial is different from gamesport. Also at that sort of price I would put the money towards a new joystick or put one on my Christmas list perhaps!

  DieSse 00:03 04 Dec 2003

click here

The comment under XP says the drivers do work, but not with support for the profiler.

  jonmac 09:16 04 Dec 2003

Hi DieSse, good to hear from you.

In the readme file for the joystick it says.....

The software for Win2000/WinXP only supports USB products. See section 1.3.1 for the complete list of supported devices. Gameport and serial port connections are not supported. The gameport devices should be used with operating system supplied drivers.

....Now that I've read that again the last sentence has penetrated. Sounds like a ray of hope?

  jonmac 09:19 04 Dec 2003

Apologies, I've just noticed the "click here" and followed it.
Thanks for the help.

  byfordr 09:27 04 Dec 2003

GAME in the highstreet do several usb devices (joysticks and gamrpads), and I seem to remember seeing a convertor there as well

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