Joystick calibration problems

  San Alwigi 14:39 18 Sep 2008


When attempting to calibrate two different joysticks on my PC via the Game Controllers icon in Control Panel, I always get the same problem:

When going through the cross hair style settings for calibration, the central + sign doesn't move freely around the calibrations box as it should. This then affects performance when using it to play a game (normally pretty basic flight sim stuff that my son plays). I don't think it's the joysticks as it happens with both - could it be the graphics card or something?

Any help warmly appreciated,

Thank you

  crosstrainer 14:41 18 Sep 2008

Most joysticks need software of their own to run properly. What are the make and model(s) of the controllers you are using? We can then find the right drivers for them.

Also, Windows version?

  San Alwigi 14:52 18 Sep 2008

One joystick is good old fashioned 6 button Microsoft Sidewinder (a bit old actually, doesn't even have a USB connection) and the other is a budget version, aGenius MaxFighter F-16U that I bought earlier this year. Both used to work perfectly. I run Windows XP Professional. My graphics/video card is an ATI Radeon 9250 with 128mb
Many thanks

  crosstrainer 14:57 18 Sep 2008

Side Winder:

click here

The agenius has no downloadable software. Try a system cleanup and defrag, download and install the Microsoft drivers, and see how you get on.

  San Alwigi 20:50 19 Sep 2008

But it seems that I already have that driver for the MS Sidewinder. Had a brainwave - tried both joysticks on another PC - same problem, so I suspect the joysticks themselves must be at fault. Sorry to waste your time, thanks again.

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