casper69 13:45 23 Jun 2006


hello im looking to get a joypad to play my pc games with as keyboard and mouse are getting to annoying, are the joypads plug n play or i have to install software and will they work with most games?


  mattyc_92 13:48 23 Jun 2006

Most game-pads are "Plug n Play", but a few of them like some software installed (as they have loads of buttons, which hundreds of configurations)

My game-pad, a Logitech 12 button, doesn't need any software... Simply pluged it in, and Windows reconised all the buttons ;-)

  Mr Beeline 17:10 23 Jun 2006

Another vote here for the Logitech rumble pad 2 (available O/L from SCAN). Great gamepad, just like the PS2 one (acknowledged by many, as one of the best pads around).

  Mr Beeline 17:13 23 Jun 2006

PS. Even works fine in games like Prince of Persia 1/2/3, which appears to have problems with a number of other gamepads.

  casper69 17:28 23 Jun 2006


  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:30 23 Jun 2006

ISTR you can get adapters to enable you to use them on the PC.

  Mr Beeline 22:12 24 Jun 2006

Re - PS2 adaptors. I tried one of these (Super Box3) and the gamepad was not recognised in some games (EG. Prince of Persia 2/3). Though maybe there are better adaptors out there.

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