Joining Scanned Images

  bcarroll 17:12 03 Feb 2003

I have some to scan that are larger than my a4 scanner. is there any software available for joining images together if i scan them on in 2 or 3 images

Thanks in advance


  jazzypop 17:22 03 Feb 2003
  pj123 17:49 03 Feb 2003

Ulead do a programme called ulead 360 or something similar. does automatic stitching up to a point. try putting ulead into google and see what comes up.

  anchor 20:02 03 Feb 2003

I have had some experience with making panoramas; albeit from pictures taken with my digital camera. It is important to note that there must be an overlap between the images, or the results will be very poor.

If you can scan in this way, so that there is about a 25% overlap, then it should work OK.

I use Pixmaker, and find it very good indeed. I have bought it, but in the past they used to give a free Lite version, and I still have a copy. If you wish to have it, send me an e-mail, I will load it onto a server that I use for you to download.

If you would also like to see how effectively Pixmaker can make panoramas, have a look at one of my panorama sites.

click here

  stlucia 08:55 04 Feb 2003

I use a Ulead product to control my scanner and manipulate the scans -- I can't remember its name, but it allows me to scan in two images and to then stitch them together.

The programme needs some overlap between the images for the best job, but allows manual adjustment as well. Quality of the combined image probably depends as much on the quality of your scanner as on the software -- if the optics are not quite accurate, the two pieces of the image might match in the middle but not at the top and bottom. Careful choice of the point at which you split the image can help get over this, and apart from that the whole process is quite painless.

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