joing my d-drive to c-drive

  peterh1 09:42 21 Nov 2008

Hiya could anyone tell me if its poss to get rid of my d-drive so i can use the extra GB for c-drive i have all my backups sent to my portable drive so dont use it for anything so alot of waste which i could use!!!i'm a newby so simple terms for dummies please guys and girls...thanks alot

  Quiller. 09:50 21 Nov 2008

What operating system are you using.e.g. vista or XP

  Pineman100 17:06 21 Nov 2008

Another question - is your D: drive a partition on your only hard drive, or is it a second hard drive?

D: is quite often the CD-DVD drive. It might help to paint a clearer picture if you post a list of all your drives.

  peterh1 20:41 21 Nov 2008

my computer is a acer aspire laptop 5920 and it is running vista home premium...My c drive is the only drive it has i think,apart from E-drive which is supermuti format dvd so i'm not sure how many hard drives it has and if its a partition..The only thing i have on D-drive is an encrypting program which could be put on c-drive with the shift over if poss..?sorry for not going into detail in my first post!!!if ya need any more info just let me know thanks guys and girls...

  recap 20:50 21 Nov 2008

One way of finding out how many drive you have is to go in to Disk Management. Right click My Computer and select Manage then Disk Management. You should now see if there are more than one drive or if the only drive is partitioned and what sizes they are.

  peterh1 22:16 21 Nov 2008

It says.disk0 which is my C-drive then disk1 which is my portable drive then disk2 which is cd rom..dvd E-drive Disk 0 has 111.73GB and it says basic then 9.76GB healhy(eisa) configuration then next in line its 51.14GB ntfs healthy system boot, page file,active,crash dump primary partition then next in line D drive data d 47.64GB ntfs healthy partition then 3.24GB (eisa)configuration) and all this is wrote in a line for Disk0 in little boxes above my portable drive which is wrote has Disk1 and so on to E drive which is wrote has cd rom0 dvd (E) so could i use it???if not i have just changed the e drive to copy burns to d-drive for when i burn my photo dvd's and stuff home vids so will it be okay just setting it in E drives property section sorry for the double question but i'm thinking what would be easiest for me to understand and do,but if possible could i put d-drives GB on C-drive and how do i do it hope this is enough in fo let me know guys and girls thanks....

  Jollyjohn 08:05 22 Nov 2008

I wouldn't combine the 2. I would move "My Documents" etc onto D: and any other data you want to keep onto D:
Then I would "export" my address book as a csv file to D, copy Bookmarks as well.
Then if you have to reinstall windows you wont lose any date.

  peterh1 09:26 22 Nov 2008

ive already got my back ups on portable hard drive but thanks for the advice jollyjohn,plus i dont use my address book or owt like that so???just more space for programmes im wanting,greedy guy ha ha

  bobbybowls 10:12 22 Nov 2008

the 3.24 GB eisa is the system restore. most computers now come with restore disks which read info from the hard drive, rather than full windows disks. were you asked to make a back up when you first started? if not you should still be able to do it now.

  Quiller. 10:57 22 Nov 2008

Disable the system restore and any page filing on the D drive. Transfer all files over to C drive.

Right click computer and select manage. Then pick disk management.

Right click the D drive and select SHRINK volume.

When done.

Right click the C drive and pick extend volume.

Space will be transfered from D to C.

  peterh1 20:25 22 Nov 2008

i purchased my backup disks from comet when i bought my laptop 2 disks will they be enough or shall i do a back up "full one" with the acer empowering technology disk back up"burn one" if i don't do this right i will lose my windows programme won't i or will i be able to restore some how???thanks for the advice guys and girls

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