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  john-251419 16:54 03 Nov 2003

Hi all, my friends business has three pc`s connected to a network, he now wants to add another pc running win 2000. can anyone advise of the procedure for adding a pc to a network. he also wants to scrap his fax m/c and use this new pc to answer faxes, is this possible.
hope you can help
the renegade

  recap 16:58 03 Nov 2003

renegade2, can you supply more information on how his network is already setup?

Fax can be achieved with additional software.

  MjM Hellfire 19:08 03 Nov 2003

We need to know things like-

1. Are the 3 pc's connected to a router or a hub?

2. What OS is being used on the 3 pc's currently connected.

3. Are the pc's using DHCP, which sets up the IP addressing automatically?

I would imagine that it is an ethernet network, with UTP cables & RJ45 sockets.

Adding another PC is really simple, just make sure you set the Network-Group name correctly (this name is given to all the pc's within a certain domain so they know which part of a domain they belong defualt name is normally WORKGROUP) and get the right IP addresses. If DHCP is being used then this is simple, if not do it manually. Just copy the settings from another pc but change the number of the last part of the IP address so that it is unique to the network it is on.

If it requires internet access then you need the IPS's DNS numbers (eg NTL = &, which also go in with the IP settings in the TCP/IP properties.

  john-251419 19:42 04 Nov 2003

Hi, thanks for the reply, the three pc`s are using win 98 and win xp. i think the server is using dhcp and the other pc`s are using the default workgroup. i tried using the network wizard but it said workgroup was could not be found, or something similar. sorry to be so vague but this business is far away and i can only get their at weekends.

  recap 16:25 05 Nov 2003

When setting up the network through the wizard the first set of usernames/password/workgroups are for the local machine, the next set are for the network itself.

So for the first setup enter a name for the machine (e.g. administrator) with a seperate password for the local machine. With the next setup enter the username & password for the network/workgroup.

  vinnyo123 15:23 06 Nov 2003

1-how is new pc going to connect to network
( CAT5 wire -wireless-hub-router NIC )connect PC.

2-right click Networkplaces>properties>configuration tab see if your adapter and all protocols are installed etc.
Network logon ,TCP/IP,file and print sharing/click

3-netbeui properties >and check bindings>tcp/IP properties try to use obtain IP automatically first to see if you have a DHCP server on LAN.If no tdo so manually.

4-identification tab fill in workgroup must be same as lan ,computer name unique

5-If internet access tcp/ip properties>dns config. tab add dns server IP's ,can get this from other PC's on LAN...PROBLEMS KEEP asking here
alot of good resources here ..good luck needs some tweaking in beginning but once it's up usually trouble free LOL

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