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  zoo smudge 15:17 12 Jun 2003

i have windows xp pro installed when i fire up pc, a message comes up not enough memory to run application in 16 bit colour i have plenty of memory 256 mbit. also my window icon take ages to pop up why . i have 866 processor nvidia4 256 memory .

  woody 15:18 12 Jun 2003

256mb ram is not much for xppro

  The Sack 16:36 12 Jun 2003

why not the kernel uses only around 70MB after boot.

  -pops- 18:44 12 Jun 2003

"Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject"

Abstracted from the title page.

Also, I don't know who or what that email address refers to but, it is best not to put personal email addresses on the forum. Anyone wishing to contact you will do that by clicking the envelope beside your name in the header to the post.

  VoG? 18:45 12 Jun 2003

I think that you need to determine which 16-bit program is trying to load at startup click here

Then Start, Run, enter


and OK. Look for the program on the Startup tab and untick it. Reboot and see if the problem's solved.

256 MB RAM is perfectly sufficient by the way.

  woody 15:42 17 Jun 2003

You have left this open so now i have more time i will add to my reply.

XP will run on 256mb ram .

However most of us would get fed up with looking at only the OS!

At start up you will load programs which you feel are necessary -virus checker/firewall etc - and some you just like mail/games. Plus others you may not know about .

These all take mem in addition to the OS.

Then you will load other programs for your work/pastime - DTP/web browser etc.

You can remove a lot of these prog to save on mem - but to do so removes some of the pleasure of having programs readily available and the security some of them give.

Mem is still fairly cheap and gives more for your money than any other single item
(in my opinion).

Did you try to remove unwanted programs from start up?

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