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  mritch 10:20 04 Jul 2011

I am looking for a really good Colour Laser Printer.

I see the Kyocera W5100DN is one your reviewer thinks is great as it got 4.5 stars.

He says the colour printing is Exceptional. I understand is has some software which allows it to print very special colour prints.

My question is: I am an Invalid and can afford just one printer, will the special software print good colour pictures, and will it use only the black Toner to print BLACK text, rather than a mixed colour pallet to print black?

  spuds 13:31 04 Jul 2011

I have tried to locate a review on the printer reference you mention, but have been unable to find one, including looking on Amazon and Ebay, so I would suspect that the model number is either incorrect or a retailers special reference product number of a very similar model (FS-C5100DN ?).

If you are really interested in this particular printer, then I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer direct for advice and their full specification listing.

  northumbria61 16:07 04 Jul 2011

LINK here for Kyocera John - link text

  SparkyJack 17:36 04 Jul 2011

The first thing to accept is that although laser technology is improving all the time none are as good as a photo ink jet.

Having said that I have given up on ink jets and installed a colour laser and print on good quality hi white or laser gloss then laminate it if required. Ink jet gloss should never be put through a laser

Yhe coating on inkj et gloss will melt in the fuser unit and gum up the rollers.

I have owned 2 lasers so far a Samsung and currently a Dell 1220cn The latter was acquired 2 years ago complete with 2sets of toners and I am still on the original set. This is the link for the Dell and other machines.

  robin_x 19:04 04 Jul 2011

I am on the mailing list for Canon and got the following mailshot yesterday, re: Pixma inkjets.

Dunno if of interest or if other mfrs have similar.

Canon ChromaLife

  David4637 20:00 04 Jul 2011

SparkyJack - I have a Samsung CLP 315 colour laser, please advise the cheapest non glossy type of paper you use to get the best print, because you can not use injet glossy in a laser? Thanks David

  SparkyJack 08:40 05 Jul 2011


As I mentioned and you affirm Ink Jet Glossy is a No No for lasers.

Laser Glossy is a shiny paper similar to printed magazine paper.

It does not in fact give a 'Glossy Finish' to the print because laser printing process simply deposits resin powder to paper surface and fixes it there by a heat process- the image remains Matt on a glossy background - that is why I also mentioned lamination if a gloss finish is required.

However back to laser glossy Rymans is where I got mine

link text

  HondaMan 08:49 05 Jul 2011

I have an Oki 5600DN which produces some fantastic output

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