Angry Kid 14:15 18 Nov 2007

Afternoon all,

I have downloaded this from click here and the JkDefragGUI from click here. However, when I run the GUI program and request defrag of system files at start up it begins a download. The text file says that it needs Pagefile from System Internals also. However, it continues the download for ages....well over an hour, and still going!

Has anyone run this program before?

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this, or am I doing anything wrong on the install????


Angry ;-)

  cocteau48 14:21 18 Nov 2007

Hi Angry Kid
I tried this yesterday and gave up on it.
It just seemed to run and run with no visual indication as to whether progress was being made.
Uninstalled it.

  Angry Kid 21:56 18 Nov 2007

Has anyone else had the same problems as me and cocteau48?

Angry ;-)

  cocteau48 09:57 22 Nov 2007

Good morning Angry Kid
Have a look here
click here
JKDefrag is on page 8 (VIII)
click here
then go to the winner page
click here
and download where it says download JKDefrag 3.26 (simple setup program)
It includes the sysinternals pagefile.
It certainly works but it isn't quick!!!

  cocteau48 09:59 22 Nov 2007

Retry that second link
click here

  Angry Kid 16:21 24 Nov 2007

Thanks cocteau48 for your posting.

I presume you have not had any luck with the GUI program, as this would make it far more user friendly.

Thanks again.

Angry ;)

  cocteau48 17:09 24 Nov 2007

Hi Angry Kid

Not overly bothered about the GUI program - quite happy to run the defrag manually when it suits me.
As for the actual JkDefrag program itself I am growing to like it - quite a lot - actually.

Will have a tinker with the GUI when time permits.

  Angry Kid 17:22 24 Nov 2007


I will also try to sort out GUI issue. Will post back if I have an update.

Angry ;)

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