Jigsaw puzzle photo

  lightfeet 07:03 28 Oct 2003

I want to make a photograph look as if it is a jigsaw puzzle. From where can I obtain the jigsaw pattern & how do I superimpose it on the picture? I have various imaging programs, Photoshop 6, Paint Shop Pro 5 & various Serif programs plus others from magazine discs

  MAJ 07:41 28 Oct 2003

Not sure where you can find the pattern, have you tried searching for it on the internet yet, using a search engine? To super-impose it on the original picture should be easy enough in Paintshop Pro. Open the original picture, display the Layers dialog box, promote the Background (which will be the original picture) to a Layer. Then copy the jigsaw pattern and Paste it on top of the original, as another layer (Edit > Paste > As a new layer). Then Save it, which will merge the layers.

  Pesala 08:00 28 Oct 2003

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite: click here

Here is an addictive puzzle game with nice interface, lots of free puzzles included and an ability to make your own puzzles. Best of all, it's completely free! You may download Jigsaw Puzzle Lite right now.

8 Mbyte download, but a nice free program that you can use to create jigsaws from your own photos. Do a screen grab and use that, but it will not be very high resolution.

  Pesala 08:19 28 Oct 2003

click here

You can increase the number of pieces in the puzzle, but not the display resolution.

  slimpickins 08:57 28 Oct 2003

Instead of printing a pattern onto a page and cutting it out, print it onto jigsaw paper: click here

At least I think that's what you do, I've never tried it myself. Costs £7.99 a jigsaw.

  alcudia 10:45 28 Oct 2003

You need either Paint Shop Pro 7 with the extras update, or version 8 to to this.

With v5 you may qualify for an upgrade.

  lightfeet 07:42 03 Nov 2003

Resolved by using Photoshop as suggested in Digital Camera Forum thread click here Thanks for your replies

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