Jexepack error # 10008

  johndrew 20:12 10 Feb 2006

I have had this error several times recently and fail to understand it. The window offers help and sends me to click here this site where the code tells me:

`Error creating temp directory -- The temp directory returned by Windows does not exist (a Windows configuration error) or there is no available disk space on the Windows system disk -- Free up some disk space and try again`.

However I have 65.3GB of free space and 32.4GB in use.

Can any one advise me what is happening and what the cure could be, please?

  ICF 08:01 11 Feb 2006

Is there not a listing for jexepack in add & remove programs? If there is uninstall it.

click here

  johndrew 11:59 11 Feb 2006

I have looked in add & remove programs and in microsoft install cleanup but can`t find it. I have also run a search in files and folders and can find no reference for it.

Could it be anywhere else?

Java has been updated automatically (using the icon that appears occassionally) but I haven`t wittingly downloaded any thing of this nature. Is it likely that another program has installed it?

  johndrew 12:24 11 Feb 2006

A thought. There are four Java folders shown:
Could it be anything to do with these or are they just updates?

  Skyver 12:56 11 Feb 2006

It may take several reboots but un-install all the old ones (starting with the oldest first) and to be doubly safe, remove and re-install v5 update 6 click here

  johndrew 14:14 11 Feb 2006

I have done as you advised and the following happened:

1. On uninstalling j2re1.4.2_04 I was requested to reboot. At the screen I had a message telling me that update 4 was being installed.

2. On uninstalling jre1.5.0_01 again I was requested to reboot but there was no further message on restart.

3. On uninstalling jre1.5.0_04 I had to reboot and at restart I got a message telling me that my Java VM needed upgrading before the program (?) would run and asking if I needed help. I pressed `Yes` and it tried to log me on to the web - I cancelled the action and nothing else appeared. I have no idea of the `program` refered to.

4. On uninstalling jre1.5.0_06 there was no request to reboot so I went ahead and reinstalled. Again the logon screen came up and this time I accepted it. Nothing seemed to happen so I opened Firefox and posted this.

Does it sound OK to you or have I missed a trick?

  Skyver 14:42 11 Feb 2006

All sounds fine, the 1.4.2 may have come with your machine and be replaced if it's detected as missing. As long as jre1.5.0_01,jre1.5.0_04 entries are gone and only 1.4.2 and v5 update 6 is there you've cleared all the old Java files.
See if the same error crops up.

  johndrew 16:37 11 Feb 2006

I have just restarted the PC after doing some work and the Jexepack error window opened again.

There is no 1.4.2 on the machine, the lowest I had was the j2re1.4.2_04 which you advised me to uninstall. All I have is jre1.5.0_06.

Have I done something wrong?

  ICF 16:55 11 Feb 2006

Restore to a time when this did not happen or create a restore point and uninstall java altogether and see what happens

  Skyver 18:10 11 Feb 2006

All looks fine. Either follow ICF's suggestion or turn on verbose mode in Jexepack and read the resulting output to see what folder it's failing to access.

`Use the JexePack verbose option: Use the "/v" [§3] command line option, which turns on verbose output. This allows you to see every single file -- and the file path -- that is added/packaged into the EXE. If you see any problems, please correct. TIP: Use the "/dir:<dir>" [§3] command line option to add files into the EXE from another directory or folder without adding the directory path into the EXE.`

  johndrew 18:13 11 Feb 2006

I haven`t this option as I had a virus and had to get rid of all my restores. This started at some point immediately after reinitiating the restore facility.

The only other thing I have found is a further copy of Java in Britannica CD, but when I look for the version in the .exe file it isn`t present as it is in the 1.5.0_06 I installed today. Could it be the Britannica item that is causing the problem?

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