Jetway 830CH onboard sound problem

  Boluwd 13:20 03 Dec 2003

A colleague has left his PC, a Jetway 830CH Mobo with Athlon Duron 850MHz running a dual boot Win2000Pro and Win98SE with me to check out a sound problem. I cannot get the onboard Audio to work at all. I have enabled it in the BIOS. I have tried to download the manual from the jetway site but it is impossible. There is a Creative 52Xmx CD player installed along with a DVD/CDRW combo drive and the only way to get any sound is to put the speaker lead into the headphone port of either the DVD/CDRW or the CD player. This then plays a music CD. Playing a DVD disc in the DVD/CDRW combo only gives the video but no sound. The cables between both players have been installed in the "CD IN" socket on the mobo. There isn't another PCI soundcard installed.
Device manager shows an yellow exclamation mark next to Other Devices- Multimedia Audio Controller. System information- problem devices- indicates Driver not installed for both PCI Multimedia Audio Device and Gameport Joystick.
I assume that the Green/ Blue/ and Pink jack sockets beneath the Yellow gameport is the onboard sound port.
Any help would be most appreciated.

  sil_ver 13:56 03 Dec 2003

you may need the motherboard CD to install the driver, alternatively go to the website and download it possibly even update the chipset drivers

  xania 14:45 03 Dec 2003

The only thing I can offer is the possibility that the drivers form the mobo CD were installed badly. Try reinstalling them over the top, having first deleted all the yellow ! mark items in your Device Manager. If that fails, might be worth downloading the drivers direct from the Jetway here

  John-217342 16:44 03 Dec 2003

If it is the same as the Jetway UltraAS Board, there should be a CD from VIA Technologies called MagicInstall which sets up all the on-board sound using a driver called VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM) or similar. You can check the BIOS and see if it accomodates VIA AC'97.

  Boluwd 18:57 03 Dec 2003

Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I had to pop out. My colleague bought the PC from a friend but wasn't given any discs and I don't think he's going to be able to contact his friend either. It looks like his friend partitioned the drive to dual boot and it looks like he once had a creative sound card installed (remnants of creative audio HQ in control panel and SBLive mentioned at boot up on Win98 partition).

I have found a driver at which is stated to be that for the onboard sound for this particular mobo. I have downloaded the zip file and put it on a cd for now. How should I install this? I know a bit more about computers than my colleague but would regard myself as an enthusiastic novice! Is this going to cause problems seeing as he/I don't have the OS discs if things go pearshaped? The driver file I downloaded was vt82c586 by the way.

  Boluwd 20:25 03 Dec 2003

Can anyone advise on how to install the downloaded zip driver file?

  Boluwd 09:55 04 Dec 2003

My colleague has the discs!!! With the "Magic Install" SIS chipset Mobo disc all the sound/vga and other addons were available and we now have sound. Mind you having heard the onboard sound, I'm sure glad that I've got the Audigy 2 ZS!!!!!!
Thanks for your help.

  Boluwd 09:57 04 Dec 2003

oh, bye the way, the downloaded driver from wasn't the right one.... it was a VIA chipset driver!

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